Nowadays, breakaway collars are considered the ideal choice for owners, who don’t want to worry about their cat’s collar getting caught on something. Breakaway collars are designed to quickly release, when a certain amount of tension is applied—freeing your cat from any dangerous hang-ups. 

Breakaway collars come in many styles, colors and sizes. That’s why it’s important to be discerning, when finding a proper collar for your cat. In the hopes of helping you in your search, below are “10 Quality Breakaway Cat Collars” for you to review and consider for your beloved kitty.

10. Bell & Paw Charm
By BingPet

BingPet’s Cat Collar is designed to adjust from 8″ to 12″(3/8″w) and provides a breakaway option. The breakaway buckle is designed to quickly release, if your cat’s collar gets caught on an object during it’s travels. It’s made of a durable, reflective nylon. It’s easy to take off and has a removable bell and paw charm. It’s also available in four different colors.

9. Design Woven Fabric
By Lupine Pet Designer

The Lupine Pet Designer Collar is made with an intricate design woven into the fabric, which is really soft, yet strong and durable. The D-ring on the front, can be used for attachments—e.g. a bell. The breakaway buckle is designed to quickly and safely release, if the collar gets caught on something. Also, it’s made with double stitching and it comes in different colors/designs.

8. Purple Nylon
Collar With Bell
By Coastal Pet

Coastal Pet presents an adjustable, lightweight collar for a sensitive feline neck. It’s made of a no-snag nylon, that can fit neck sizes from 7.5” to 11.5”. It comes in different colors and it’s held together by a breakaway buckle, that quickly releases if it get’s hung-up on something. It also has a bell, that is a tastefully small size and is designed so as not to dangle—thereby reducing the chance that it may get caught on other objects.

7. Embroidered Collars
By GoTags ID

GoTags ID Collars are breakaway cat collars that allow for your cat’s name and contact number to be stitched into the nylon band. This provides an option for cat owners, who don’t want to buy ID Tags that hang. It’s available in various colors, has a bell—which also doesn’t hang—and is size adjustable from 8” to 12” in length.

6. Soft Velvet Collar
With Bling & Bell
By BingPet

BingPet has designed a collar that consists of a number of rhinestone diamond studs. These studs are nested in a soft velvet material and they wrap around the collar in a straight line, with tasteful spacing between them. The band is held together by a quick release clasp. Also, a bell is added; not just as a utility, but to help bring a touch of class and elegance. It is soft, yet made to be durable and it offers a fancy option for owners who want their cat to shine.

5. Japanese Handcrafted
By Necoichi Chirimen

Necoichi Chirimen has designed this cat collar to be uniquely stylish. It is a double-loop rayon collar, with a durable, quick-release buckle and clover bell, that is designed to chime lightly. This Japanese Handcrafted Cat Collar is made to be comfortable, lightweight and is stylishly made from the same material as kimonos.

4. Heart Bling Collar
2 pack
By Mtliepte

Are you looking for something charming and stylish for your cat? If yes, then this Charm and Bell collar design can be a great option. The charm is heart shaped and encrusted with rhinestones. The bell is small and non-intrusive. The collar itself, is made of a durable nylon that is fastened together by a breakaway clasp, which is made to easily release when pressure is applied.

3. Blueberry Pet Designs
By Blueberry Pet

Blueberry Pet presents breakaway collar designs with attractive patterns and catchy color combinations. From geometric shapes to leopard prints, these collars are meant to look good. The collar can adjust to fit lengths from 9” to 13”, it has a small bell on the side and the band is made of polyester.

2. Reflective Collars
FunPet 6 pc.
By Paccomfet

The FunPet, Cat Collar & Bell 6 pack, is adjustable and comes in different colors. It’s special feature is a reflective stripe in the middle, which helps your kitty to be seen during night walks. It’s designed to be stylish, durable, release easily and is an ideal buy for a multi-cat household.

1. Aztec Cat Collar
By CollarDirect

CollarDirect presents a stylishly, comfortable cat collar, that is designed with aztec tribal patterns and bright, bold colors. It is held together by a quick release clasp and the length is adjustable from 7” to 11”. The material that it’s made from is nylon and it is non-allergenic. This collar also has a small, non-intrusive bell and it come in 3 color combinations.

In conclusion, picking a cat collar doesn’t have to be hard work, but there are a few things to consider when browsing the seemingly endless products that are available on the market. Ideally, you’ll want the collar to feel natural and look stylish, without it being hazardous to her well being. In that regard, breakaway collars are designed to put your mind at ease, when your cat is exploring the great outdoors. To help you in your search, the above list of “10 Quality Breakaway Cat Collars”, was made to point you in the direction of a collar, that best suits your cat. Thanks for reading.