Just like humans, cats also love a secure, warm and comfortable place they can call their own. After so much outdoor activities during the day, our furry friends want a space where they could have a nice nap or just maybe play some more. The perfect product for play and rest is a Cat Tree House. If you’re looking to invest in your kitty’s happiness, then this is a great place to start. I put together a top 10 list that will at the very least, give you a great place to start. At the most, you’ll see exactly what you want.

10. Tiger Tough Playground
Engage your cats all through the day with the FurHaven Tiger Tough Playground which provides exciting and versatile environment for them. It has 2 exclusively enclosed condos, with a spring-loaded wand-like toy and an engaging Cat-IQ busy box with jingle balls that is sure to keep your kitty entertained all day long.

9. Curious Cat Cube
This easily collapsible sheepskin interior get-away provides a super-soft and cozy home for your cat.

8. Armarkat 87401
The Armarkat 87401 design is best for adventurous cats as it allows for climbing, resting, and viewing from a high position. It has 2 ramps, 3 towers for viewing, and 2 secluded private areas. It has a base with about 3.5-inch diameter which brings wobbling to the barest minimum.

7. Trixie Belinda
The Trixie Belinda is also suitable for housing multiple large felines since it has 3 extra-wide platforms and an in-built backrest to ensure safety, while the kittens may prefer to stay at the ground level.

6. Ollieroo Tower PE14802
Your cats and kittens would love you even more for this very conducive and versatile condo. There is enough room to move, play, and even sharpen their claws on the 6 scratching posts that’s densely covered with sisal rope.

5. Go Pet Club F216
This condo can accommodate more than one feline at a time. It’s an all-inclusive cat mansion as it has 5 different semi-condos, 2 big tunnels and a platform at the center meant for swinging. The litters are let out when they are busy playing.

4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo
This is ideal for cats that love to have fun. It has a play area made up of 2 hide-and-seek spaces, 2 elevated areas for resting or viewing from high up. There’s plenty of hoops, ropes and scratching post for exercise. It’s also well ventilated to ensure that your cats feel like they’re in a free and open space.

3. Refined Feline Lotus
The Refined Feline Lotus Condo is suitable for very large cats, as its many platforms are able to accommodate them. This design is a combination of innovative and modern ideas. It is suitable in any part of your home and the dark espresso finishing makes it quite attractive.

2. Kitty Furniture Stairway
This exclusive and highly re-configurable design, gives the cat a variety of house options to enjoy. This way, they also have something new to discover. It has several deep-cradled hammocks(6 plush) that allow for enough room to relax.

1. Premier Playground
This newly designed cat condo is completely handcrafted from eco-friendly materials like quality wood, beige and green color carpets that are very soft and plush to give your cat unmatchable luxury and comfort.

In conclusion, selecting the ideal cat house for your cats whether big or small, cheap or expensive is a vital decision that must carefully be considered if you truly adore your furry friend. What matters is the comfort, security, and fun these condos provide. I hope that this list helps you in your search to find the cat house that works for you and your kitty.


Thanks for reading.