Trying to find a kitty litter mat is no easy task. Usually people are looking for something that’s durable, can stop tracking, scattering and if possible something pleasing to the eyes. With so many offerings on the market, it really is hard to narrow your choices down with out a bit of trial and error. Well, to save you a little time and money, I put together a top ten list to help make things a little easier for you. It’s my hope that by the time you’re done reading my list, your task won’t be as hard as when you first started.

10. SmartGrip Mat
This great looking mat—which is made of silicone—has grooves and an outer channel design that helps to capture litter. Soft, comfortable and easy to clean this mat is well worth the price of admission.

9. Snug Cat Mat
This is a basic and inexpensive mat that gets the job done. The material isn’t as durable as the higher end mats, you’ll probably be getting another one before too long, but if you just need something for the time being, this will do just fine.

8. Pet Magasin Mat
Pet Magasin gives you two mats for the price of one. It can also be used for other things like being placed under food bowls. It’s made from a rubberized material so that water does not soak through. Though the material isn’t very soft, it’s perfect for wood floors.

7. WooPet Mat
This mat is designed with an arch, cut to slide under most any litter box. It’s special honey comb grooves and double layering are constantly catching scattered debris, preventing tracking. You’ll be cleaning up a lot less often with this mat.

6. PetMate Catcher Mat
This large sized mat is perfect if you have more that one cat to accommodate. It’s easy to clean and does a great job at catching litter with it’s webbed design.

5. Smiling Paws Mat
This is a quality mat that does a great job of catching liter. It’s large and will last you a long time. It does such a great job of catching litter, that it may take you some time to clean it, so bare that in mind.

4. Pawkin Mat
The Pawkin Mat is designed with a mesh made to trap litter, but also for quick release or clean-up; especially when vaccuming. This is a quality mat, which will last you a long time, but also has a money back guarantee.

3. Black Hole Cat Litter Mat
This mat traps litter in it’s dual layer design. Debris falls within the honeycomb grooves and remains between the two layers until you come to release it. The rubber material makes it durable. It can especially withstand cats that like to scratch a lot and it protects the floors.

Easyology Jumbo Mat
This heavy duty mat is a favorite because of it’s large size and durability. The specially designed grooves does a great job managing scattered litter and cleaning it out is pretty easy.

iPrimo Original Mat
This is one of the best mats on the market. It has a double layer to trap it once it enters the extra-large wholes on the first layer. Secondly, the waterproof bottom layer helps to prevent leaks for added protection. Lastly, it’s easy to wash clean.

So, I hope by the end of this list you’ve found something that comes close to fulfilling your kitty needs. There’s so many mats out there, at least this helps to put you in the ball park of something that can serve you and your kitty for a long time.

Thanks for reading.