When a cat is restless, scratches or chews its skin, it may mean that it has fleas. Though very independent, cats are not able to do everything on their own. It’s the owner’s responsibility to take care of any flea issues that may arise. In an effort to protect your cat from fleas, below are ten best flea treatment methods that have the highest chances of lessening or even preventing fleas from attacking your kitty.

10. Vet’s best wipes
Naturally, cats groom themselves with their tongues; However, your kitty won’t be able to rich every spot on their body. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you get the spots your cat misses. This is especially true if your cat has parasites. If your cat does have parasites, the vet’s best wipes can be used for treatment. For the best results, make sure that when you use the wipes, you rub deeply. While you’re eliminating parasites, your creating a closer bond with your cat by giving them a deep tissue message. The wipes contains natural oil, have a powerful clove scent and could possibly cause human allergies.

9. Novartis Capstar
They come in tablet form, which can be given to cats. A single tablet eliminates all the adult fleas on the cat, giving it a biting and scratching free life. For an effective results, it should be used together with other methods, because it doesn’t eliminate larvae and eggs. Each box contains six pills and it must be administered as prescribed.

8. Wondercide Spray
Made from natural ingredients such as cedar and rosemary, Wondercide can be sprayed on the cat and in your home without any harsh effects. Besides fleas, the pesticide repels mosquitoes. It has a nice scent and is not as strong as other pesticides.

7. Catego Flea Control
Stored in a special sprayer, Catego Flea Control penetrates beyond the cat’s fur, reaching the skin easily. It minimizes scratching, so your cat is comfortable while the pesticide treatment takes affect. It is a good option for restless animals and is inexpensive.

6. Pet Naturals of Vermont
The Naturals of Vermont is made from cinnamon, sesame oils, castor, and lemongrass combinations. It fights not only the fleas, but also mosquitoes, ticks and others. Due to its unsticky nature, the spray can be applied in large amounts—okay to spray on cat beds. Apply frequently for effective results.

5. Bayer Animal Health Advantage II
Bayer animal health advantage II is odorless and allows you to comfortably be with your cat even after application. Besides living flea treatment. It breaks-up a parasites life cycle by terminating larvae and eggs. It comes in three different dosages and kills on contact—be sure to apply it on every part of your cat.

4. PetArmor FastCaps
PetArmor FastCaps are tablets taken orally. They relieve you of the burden of fighting with your cat as you try to apply it externally. Applicable to dogs too, PetArmor FastCaps take affect within hours. If your pet is not willing to swallow it voluntarily, it can be hidden in food.

3. Vectra for Cats
Vectra for Cats is a quick drying formula which is applied easily. It’s greaseless, so you don’t have to worry about getting it on your clothes. It even works on the fleas you didn’t know were there.

2. Novartis Program
Suitable for kittens, precaution should be taken when using Novartis Program, because it only kills eggs. So for an effective outcome, it should be used regularly. The pesticide is packaged with a reminder sticker and is good at reducing dermatitis symptoms.

1. Elanco Animal Health Cheristin
This is the fastest working option and best in emergency situations. The pesticide has a gentle tip on its applicator and each dose can last for a month.

With all these options in place, your cat doesn’t have to suffer from flea bites. Try one of the methods above, your cat will be healthier and you’ll both be happier.

Thanks for reading.