Having a cat means that you need to be extremely careful about fleas and ticks, especially if your cat loves spending time outdoors. An infestation can really cause a decline in your cat’s health and can also be brought into your home. Therefore, I’ve summed up the 10 best home flea sprays for all you pet lovers concerned about flea maintenance. Let’s begin.

10. Adams Flea & Tick:
Adams Flea and Tick is great for attacking the pests and bugs that hide under your rugs and carpets. It also aids in controlling spiders, beetles, earwigs and mosquitos. It is safe to use on most fabrics, but always follow the instructions on the bottle. It also works incredibly well on bed bugs.

9. Ortho Bed Bug and Flea Killer
Are you in search of a quick fix for your bug issues? Well then look no further, Ortho Bed Bug and Flea Killer gets in those hard to reach areas and is quite effective. It brings amazing control for up to 2 or 3 weeks. Moreover, it has no strong smell, which means that you can spray it in the home and not have to worry about leaving.

8. Wondercide Flea & Tick Control
This is an organic home flea spray, which is made with all natural ingredients. It has a lemongrass scent, which is completely fresh and smells great. This spray is 100% safe to use and is not harmful to anyone. So it’s okay to use on bedding, flooring, furniture, carpet, pets and fabrics—It’s also non-staining.

7. BioSpot Active Care
No matter how small or big the fleas might be, BioSpot Active Care has you covered. From eggs to larvae, it eliminates it all. You can even prevent eggs from hatching. You can safely use it on your bedding, furniture and upholstery. It also helps to kill ants, mosquitos and spiders.

6. Vet’s Best Flea & Tick
This Flea and Tick spray is a completely organic flea spray which is made from natural ingredients like peppermint oil and clove extract. It kills fleas on the spot and you are able to see the results instantly. It also helps you with eliminating your pet’s odors and is totally safe to use on smaller pets.

5. Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus
This is worth all the investment it asks for, because it helps you gain ultimate control over fleas and pests in your home. You will be amazed at the incredible outcome that it has to offer as it works like none other. It covers up to 2000 square feet with just one bottle. The molecules of this spray sink perfectly into the floor and make sure that the fleas are gone for good.

4. Raid Killer Plus
You can use this spray on any surface in your home and it will make it completely free from pests and fleas. It is a non-staining formula, so your furniture and upholstery is safe. The nozzle can spray large areas and it works great for pet bedding.

3. BASF Ultracide Professional:
This flea spray has been the choice of pest control experts for years. BAST Ultracide Professional believes in this spray strongly as it is highly potent. It eliminates infestations and will control your flea problem for up to 7 months. If you are facing a lot of issue with fleas and they don’t seem to be leaving your home; this is your best bet for sure. It comes with a proper instruction manual and dries away within 15 minutes. The control it offers is impeccable and constant.

2. Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea:
If you are looking for an affordable flea spray, then this is the one for you. It helps you in getting rid of pests once and for all. You can apply it on the floor or your bed frame and it will work extremely well. So well, that it comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

1. Virbac Knockout
This flea spray is the best at knocking out adult fleas and prevents them from coming back for up to 7 months— minimum. The best part about this spray is that it doesn’t affect wooden floors and has no sticky effect either. You spray it and you don’t feel the sticky solution anywhere. You can use this with topical products too. It sinks perfectly into fabrics and floors to provide outstanding results.

In conclusion, owning a cat is a lot of responsibility. One of the main things you’ll be concerned with is your kitties health and well being. One thing that can negatively affect your cat’s health are fleas and other parasites. They can also be a real nuisance in your home. Because of this, it’s important to stay on top of pest control. The above list can afford you this opportunity. Whether chemical or organic, you should be able to find what you’re looking for or at the very least narrow your search down. That being said, I sincerely hope my list helps, thank you for reading.