Cat’s can be peaceful and serene creatures, however, every now and then, you may experience a feline that is not in a calm state of being. In fact, depending upon the circumstances, you might have to handle a cat that is quite unruly. 

For example, you may need to: 

  • Handle a feral cat that was just captured
  • Put a reluctant, yet feisty kitty in a carrier
  • Hold an aggressive cat during a veterinarian procedure
  • Get your cat groomed for the first time
  • Bathe your cat for the first time
  • Remove your cat from a place/crevice they don’t want to leave

Whatever the situation, when a cat becomes aggressive, it’s important to take precautions to protect yourself, as well as your kitty. One option to consider, is to wear protective handling gloves. Wearing protective handling gloves can help to shield you from scratches and bites, that can become infected. A good pair of protective handling gloves can allow you to focus on handling your cat and not on potential injuries. However, finding a good pair of handling gloves, that will last a long time, can be challenging. Therefore, in the hopes of making your search a little easier, below is a brief list of quality protective handling gloves.

10. Cowhide Gloves

The LJNGG, Anti-Bite, Anti-Scratch, Retro Designed, Handling Gloves are made out of a thickened synthetic cowhide leather, which is made to be durable, flexible and easy to use. It’s long design shields the hands and forearms from unwanted injuries. It’s uses include animal handling, gardening, pet bathing, bee keeping, and so much more.

9. Animal Handling,
Work Gloves
By Suse’s Kinder

Suse’s Kinder presents a pair of gloves that are simple, yet versatile. They can be used for “Falconry, hawk, cat, bird, and raptor handling…and much more. While kevlar is used to protect the hands, a long top, cowhide grain cuff, shields the forearms. It’s bite and scratch resistant. It’s also designed to have a good grip, while maintaining maximum flexibility.

8. Sporting Style,
Protective Gloves
By Sporting Style

Sporting Style has created a handling glove made from a strong and durable cowhide, with a cotton lining. Designed to be soft, comfortable, lightweight, breathable and able to absorb moisture, as well as provide heat protection. It’s suited for handling aggressive animals and providing protection from bites and scratches. Intended uses include, “bathing, grooming, handling cats and other small animals.” 

7. Kevlar Gauntlets
By Defenses

Defences has designed a pair of multipurpose gloves with kevlar stitching, allowing it to be more resistant to high temperatures and not easy to break. The palms have a support layer of cushioning, which suits to working with sharp and heavy weighted objects. It’s well suited for welding and other high temp. Jobs; However, the quality leather which is resistant to punctures and tears, make them a viable option for animal handling as well. It’s used by veterinarians, kennel keepers, groomers, breeders, and many more professionals, that have to work under unusually aggressive conditions.

6. Multipurpose Pet Gloves
By PetFusion

PetFusion designed these gloves for multiple uses. They can be used for grooming, handling, vet visits and training, just to name a few. They’re water, puncture and scratch resistant, with a quality grip and good traction. Designed to provide a balance between protection and flexibility, they’re created from silicone, spandex and recyclable synthetic leather; providing protection for the arms—up to the elbows. Also, it doesn’t contain toxic nitrile, so as to be more environmentally responsible. It’s machine washable and it has a 12 month warranty.

5. Canvas Lined Gloves
By Sporting Style

Sporting Style has designed a durable pair of multipurpose handling gloves, that are “puncture resistant, cut resistant, bite resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant and fire resistant”, providing protection for both your hands and forearms. It’s created from a cowhide that is thickened and has a cotton lining that comfortably offers heat protection to the wearer. It’s also backed with “kevlar double leather”, to resist piercing. It can be used by pet shop employees, zoo workers, kennel workers, groomers, animal control staff, breeders/handlers, pet owners, bird handlers and reptile handlers; also, their suited for gardening, grilling, camping, cooking, barbecues and more.

4. Thickened Cowhide

WINGOFFLY has created these gloves specifically for use by kennel workers, zoo workers, pet shop owners, bird handlers, veterinarians, animal control staff, reptile handlers, etc. They’re made from a strong, durable, thickened cowhide and is able to shield your forearms, hands and fingertips from bites, scratches and puncture wounds. It also has a cotton lining for extra added comfortability.

3. Bathing & Grooming Gloves
By Olive & Suds

Olive & Suds have created a pair of gloves that can be used for grooming, bathing, handling cats and other small animals. The sleeves are designed to be extra-long, so as to cover the forearms and it is scratch and bite resistant. These gloves are made of a closely woven microfiber and lined with a foam that is high in density. This is done to afford the user flexible comfort, while maximizing resistants against scratching and biting—not 100% scratch/bite proof.

2. Kevlar Reinforced Gloves

RAPICCA has designed these animal handling gloves for the really aggressive pet. By using kevlar and specially picked cow split leather for reinforcement; these animal handling gloves present a quality option for protection against bites, scratches, slashes, grabs and other potential injuries to the hand, while handling animals.

1. Leather Forge
Welding Gloves

This pair of RAPICCA handling gloves has a double reinforcement layer of kevlar padding. It has another layer of Air-Isolated Aluminum Foil and a cotton material that is flame retardant. Their especially suited for welding, because they’re designed to withstand extreme heat—RAPICCA claims they’re the most extreme heat resistant gloves on the market. However, it’s also suited for animal handling. This is because of it’s puncture, cut, and bite resistant material. Uses include: welding, oven, fireplace, furnace, and animal handling…just to name a few. It’s backed by a 100% guarantee, even years after the purchase.

In conclusion, cats can be quite calm and sedate. However, for those times when you need to handle them, when they’re not on their best behavior, you may need a little extra added protection. Protective Handling Gloves are ideal, when handling your cat, while it’s in aggressive mode. The above at-a-glance list was made to help you easily find a quality pair of handling gloves, that best suits your needs. I hope it helps and thanks for reading.

*The main focus of this article is for protective gloves to be used with cats, please do further research if you intend to use handling gloves with any other animals.