Every now and then, cats,—like humans—can get stressed and anxious. From car trips, to vet visits or just moving to a new environment, anything can make them feel anxious. In situations like this, their behavior can be unpredictable, leaving cat owners wondering, what to do to get them relaxed. The good news is, there are effective Herbal Pet Calming Remedies, that help to reduce your pet’s anxiety. In a fast-paced environment, Herbal Pet Calming Remedies have become effective options, to help maintain balance in a cat’s life. With Herbal Pet Calming Remedies, your cat can feel well and calm again. Let’s take a look at some all-natural options.

8. Grey Fox Herbals
Natural Calming Remedy
By Grey Fox

Grey Fox Herbals’, Natural Calming Remedy, is a formula blend in a dropper bottle, used to relax pets that are going through a high degree of stress and anxiety. This glycerin extracted formula can help when your pet becomes scared, stress or anxious. It also works in anticipation of stressful situations.

7. Home Comfort
Calming Spray
By Felisept

The Felisept Home Comfort Calming Spray is an anti-stress spray formulated with a catnip extract that is all-natural. It doesn’t contain any artificial additives. This comfort spray has a proven calming influence on cats and is vet recommended. It’s ideal if your trying to acclimate a new pet to the household, there’s changes in the environment, your trying to settle territorial conflicts or calm your pet during loud, noisy events. It’s also designed to reduce urine marking, biting, appetite loss, scratching and irritability.

6. HomeoPet
Anxiety Relief
By HomeoPet

HomeoPet, Anxiety Relief, supports a relaxed state of being in animals that are experiencing anxiety, fear or aggressive behavior. It’s a quick working fluid, without side effects. It is safe and chemical-free, containing only the purest and natural raw ingredients. HomeoPet is ideal for hiding, restlessness, crying, vomiting, pooping and aggressive, destructive behavior. It can be used on cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, birds and is safe to use on kittens, puppies and animals that are nursing or pregnant.

5. Jackson Galaxy 
Peacemaker (2 oz.)
By Jackson Galaxy

This formulation is designed to create a sense of community and help to minimize tension, aggression and jealousy. Keeping the body balanced can transform your pet, so Infused Reiki Energy is used to help your pet reach a calm state of being. The Peacemaker is an all natural blend of essences, to help maintain peaceful behavior from your pet.

4. Quiet Moments
Calming Aid For Cats
with Melatonin
By NaturVet

Made with a blend of Thiamine and L-Tryptophan, Quiet Moments Calming Aid plus Melatonin promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Formulated with ginger to aid sensitive stomachs, NatureVet is ideal for storms and travel. Also, it is safe to use on cats over 12 weeks. Apart from promoting rest, this remedy is made to be a treat with it’s tasty soft chews and a sealable cup that ensures freshness all the time.

3. Organic Hemp Oil
With Multi Vitamin
By Billion Pets

This “Pure Organic Hemp Oil”—With Multi Vitamin—can benefit your pet in many ways. It’s designed to reduce joint pain, arthritis, sleep stress, tension and anxiety. It’s also Ideal for relieving separation anxiety, travel anxiety, aggressive behavior and thunder storm related fear.

2. Just For Cats
Calming Spray
By Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray contains soothing scents that when smelled by cats, decreases anxiety. Cats can sometimes be on edge due to various circumstances; the scents contained in Nature’s Miracle spray, help to reduce the stress caused by occurrences such as separation, travel, a change in daily routine, etc. These scents help to create a feeling of safety, without the aid of sedatives. Although it’s not designed to be sprayed directly on your cat, you can spray Nature’s Miracle scents in travel carriers, on furniture or wherever your kitty spends most of it’s time.

By Rescue Remedy Pet

Rescue Remedy is a Natural Homeopathic stress reliever that is safe. This non-drowsy, stress reducer, is trusted by vets and pet owners to alleviate your pet’s stress and tension, without the use of sedatives. It is a formula blend of 5 flower essences, that is chosen from Dr. Bach’s personal garden in the U.K. This blend is ideal for use when you take your pet to the vet, groomer or go traveling. It can also be applied when your pet experiences loud noises and separation anxiety. Rescue Remedy contains natural ingredients, is alcohol-free and is ideal for cats, dogs, horses, lizards, birds and rabbits.

In conclusion, it is very common for cats to be emotionally affected by life events. Depending on the circumstances, your cat can react in ways that may not be ideal. However, you can calm your cat with natural alternatives and a great place to start, is by browsing the Herbal Pet Calming Remedies listed above. Thanks for reading.