As a cat owner, you have many important things to consider when choosing an appropriate kitty litter for your cat. If you’re an eco-conscious pet owner, one of the more important considerations, will be whether or not the kitty litter you buy is biodegradable. If you buy biodegradable litter, you can rest assured that your kitty’s litter clump won’t be in a land fill, taking decades to decompose.

Also—unlike most clay based cat litters—you don’t have to worry about silica being contained in natural, biodegradable cat litter. Silica is a carcinogen and considering that it is contained in the dust that kicks up when your cat buries it’s waste, it can prove to be harmful over time. That’s usually enough to make any cat owner consider natural alternatives.

If you are considering litter that is eco-friendly, below is a short at-a-glance list, of quality litter you can begin researching. Please take the time to find some interesting formula blends, that are not only healthy for your cat, but good for the environment.

10. Coconut Cat Litter

Cocokitty, Coconut Cat Liter, has combined coconut pith and coconut-based, activated carbon, to effectively absorb odors and moisture. This mixture also has the ability to trap in smells, to prevent them from stinking up the house. Coconut pith is a soft, spongy material that repels fungus, mold and bacteria, which is where most litter box odors originate. As an added bonus, CocoKitty makes an ideal soil fertilizer, so when your ready to change the box, just apply the litter to your garden. Cocokitty is hypoallergenic, safe for asthmatic cats and easily flushable.

9. Switchgrass,
Natural Cat Litter
with Biochar
By Our Pets

Switchgrass, Natural Cat Litter with BioChar is a natural, sustainable, non-food alternative, that is completely biodegradable. Switchgrass does not use chemical or fertilizer to aid in it’s growth. It is a robust, natural grass, that grows in North America and has been used for flood control and not as animal feed. BioChar is created from a process known as pyrolysis. This is when wood chips are transformed to a non-marking carbon, that is highly absorbent. The Switchgrass and BioChar are put together to make a quality clumping cat litter. It’s safe, absorbs moisture and odor, lightweight, biodegradable and is made in America from ingredients that are sustainable. Lastly, every Switchgrass Cat Litter is sold in 10 pound bags.

8. Eco Fresh,
Zeolite Minerals

By Better Way

Better Way, Eco Fresh is created with 100% Zeolite for high quality odor control and easy clean clumps. Eco fresh also contains Sanel, which is made from tree resin and is used to attract. You can use it to litter box train kittens or help older cats continue to use the litter box. Sanel is soft on the paws and has a natural smell that reminds cats of the outdoors. 

7. Corn Cob Litter
By Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle, Premium Clumping, Corn Cob Litter is a formula that is bio-enzymatic, which is used to eliminate strong odors. This is a litter that is made out of corn cobs, making it natural and biodegradable. It’s 99.9% dust-free, fast clumping and comes with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.

6. Corn, Pine & Cedar
Cat Litter
By Purina Tidy Cats

Purina Tidy Cats has developed a formula that is highly absorbent and creates a light weight clump. It contains a mixture of corn, pine and cedar; which helps to keep your home smelling clean, natural and fresh. This 99% natural formula is designed to be used by several cats.

5. All Grass Clumping Litter
By SmartCat

SmartCat, all natural clumping litter, is a light weight litter, that creates a compact clump, quickly, to keep odors under control. It uses no fragrances, chemicals and is 99% dust-free and made completely out of grass.

4. Plant Extracted Cat Litter
By sWheat Scoop

sWheat Scoop is an all natural cat litter that uses extracts from plants to get rid of odors. sWheat Scoop uses a process, that bonds wheat enzymes with noble ions, to eliminate litter box odors. sWheat Scoop does not use harmful chemicals, add dyes, perfumes and is absolutely biodegradable. sWheat Scoop is a litter in which clumps form fast, compact and firm for effortless scooping. sWheat Scoop is ideal for pet owners who are eco-conscious.

3. Blue Crystal Cat Litter
By PetSafe

ScoopFree’s Premium Blue Crystal Cat Litter, absorbs moisture instantly and removes bad smells, instead of hiding them. Blue crystal is a scoop free, non-clumping litter, that comes with 2 packs of original scent litter and can be used with any litter box. For a single cat home, one bag can last up to 30 days.

2. Walnut-Based Cat Litter
By Naturally Fresh

Naturally Fresh is a walnut-based, quick clumping, ultra odor control, cat litter. It contains a triple-action odor defense system made of enzymes and it’s used to eliminate urine, ammonia and fecal odors instantly. Designed for eco-conscious customers, Naturally Fresh is silica dust-free, all-natural and forms tight clumps in about 15 minutes. For a single cat family, Naturally Fresh should last 30 days or as your needs require you to change the litter.

1. Feline Pine Cat Litter
By Feline Pine

Feline Pine Cat Litter is a non-clumping, natural pine cat litter with arm and hammer baking soda added to it. It naturally controls odors, without artificial scents, messy dust clouds or chemicals. Feline pine uses a purification process that dries the pine fibers so much, that it makes them highly absorbent. This dehydration process turns the pine fibers into tiny little lightweight, durable sponges—40lbs. of Feline pine is the equivalent of 114lbs. of clay cat litter.

As you can see, there are quite a few natural alternatives to standard, everyday clay-based kitty litter. If you’re looking for litter that is friendlier to the environment, as well as your cat’s health, the above options are a good place to start. Narrowing your search just depends on you and your cat’s individual needs. However, with the above choices, you’re definitely moving in a more eco-friendly direction. Thanks for reading.