If you don’t want your furniture to be the target of a cat assault—like most cat owners—then you’ll most likely be in the market for something more acceptable for your kitty to scratch. The obvious choice would be to buy a scratching post; however, if you’re looking for an alternative choice for your cat to scratch, there are also scratcher lounges. This useful invention is not just a place for your cat to stop, scratch and move on, it’s more like cat furniture. Scratcher Lounges are designed to go well with living room decor and is also a good place for your kitty to perch on, as well as do their scratching. Below is a list of lounge scratchers that should give you a good place to start in your search to satisfy your cat’s scratching needs.

10. 4CLAWS Lounge/Bed
The 4CLAWS Scratching Lounge & Bed is reversible, providing two positions for your kitty to rest on. It can blend with most decor color schemes and it’s big enough to suit cat’s of varying sizes. It’s made out of compressed card board and is a very stable design.

9. Necoichi Cat-Headed
Scratcher Bed
The Necoichi Cat-Headed Scratcher Bed provides a nice cozy space for your kitty to rest in-between scratching sessions. The design is the shape of a cat head and it is made out of a plush, yet sturdy material. Although it is only made for one cat at a time, it’s enough space for your kitty to stretch out in. It also comes with catnip.

8. Petstages
Cat Scratcher & 
PetStages Cat Scratcher doubles as a Hammock and a lounger. Your kitty can use this piece to sleep or perch on while keeping it’s claws strong and healthy. The piece is made out of corrugated card board and is strong enough to support the weight of your cat as it lounges. It comes with catnip and is able to fold away for storage.

7. Petstages
Circular Scratch Pad
The PetStages Circular Scratch Pad is a multi-colored hammock that can be used as a perch. It can also be used as a scratcher to promote strong healthy claws and it’s corrugated material is infused with catnip as an extra added treat for your kitty.

6. PetFusion
3-Sided Vertical
Cat Scratching Post
Pet fusion created a unique triangular shaped scratcher that can be used as a play area for your cat’s enjoyment. The vertical angle gives your kitty new stretching and scratching possibilities for the relief of stress and healthy claws. Recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue is used to make it and it’s finished with neutral colors to blend with your home decor. It also comes with catnip.

5. Catit Style Scratcher,
Tiger Design
The Catit Style Scratcher provides a uniquely angled design, so that your kitty can get the perfect scratch. It’s shape is made for maximum comfort and the honey comb grooves, are a key feature that is designed to attract your cat because of it’s likeness to tree bark. The cardboard that it’s made out of is biodegradable and recyclable.

4. Catit Style Scratcher,
Green Design
The Catit Style Scratcher is lightweight and effortless to place where you want it. It’s affordable, durable and has a cute green design on the sides. The material used to create it is corrugated card board and is 19.5” wide—able to support one cat at a time. It’s great for travel, able to fit in small spaces and comes with catnip.

3. PetFusion Jumbo Cat
Scratcher Lounge
The PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge is a large, solid and curvy design. Made for several cats to use,—4 large cats—it’s two level design is a structure that is built for durability. The curvy design provides a stylish, modern look that can work well with home decor. It’s designed for exercising, stress relief, healthy claw maintenance and it comes with catnip.

2. The Original Scratch Lounge
The Original Scratch Lounge Is designed to accommodate cats of all sizes. It has a reversible refill scratch pad, double–sided scratchers on three sides and it’s made of a dense, honeycomb, cardboard construction for durability. It can be used as a scratching post, lounge perch or a place to sleep…It also  comes with a bag of catnip.

1. PetFusion
Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge
The Pet Fusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge gives your cat a uniquely comfortable place to rest, that fits in with modern decor. This stylish piece comes in walnut brown and slate grey. It’s curved to accommodate your cat’s scratching needs and it’s reversible for longer usage. Several cats can fit on this piece and the cardboard material is recyclable.

In conclusion, when it comes to satisfying your cat’s scratching needs, a scratcher lounge is an appropriate alternative to a scratching post; However, there are quite a few scratcher lounges on the market and it can be hard to know where to start. I hope that this list gives you a good place to start in your search to find a proper cat scratcher lounge. Good luck and thank you for reading.