As a pet owner, you may have a situation where you want your pet to get to an elevated position without assistance. However, there are various reason why that may not be possible. Your pet may be too young or small, maybe you have an older pet, that’s not as nimble as they once where. Perhaps you have a pet that’s on the mend and can’t get to higher levels without help. There can be any number of reasons that prevent your loved one from getting on the couch or bed, but you want them to be able to get there, even when your not there to help.

A great way to insure that your pet has access to higher level furniture, is to use pet steps. They’re designed specifically to assist a pet’s climb to elevated positions, without assistance. A quality pair of steps are sturdy, stylish and compact for easy storage. If you find that pet steps are a good idea and you’d like to find one that best fits your situation; below is a good place to start. It’s an at-glance-list of 10 Quality Pet Steps. This list is designed to help you narrow your search down, to the pet steps, that can best help you and your pet. Let’s take a look.

10. Wooden Pet Stairs

This portable pet stair case is able to transform from 3 steps to a ramp, making it possible for pets that are older, weak, or unwell, to easily get to beds, sofas, cars, etc. It’s a solid construction—made out of wood—which is able to support 110 lbs. It’s covered with a fabric, to give traction to your pet’s paws, as they walk up and down the stairs. This lightweight, convertible staircase, is not only portable, but it can be easily stored when not in use. It’s ideal for small to medium sized pets.

9. Fleece Cat Climber Steps
4 Step Design
By Tangkula

The Tangkula Pet Stairs Ramp is designed to be sturdy and easy to assemble. It’s made with a good quality MDF board, covered in faux fleece and it’s non-toxic material makes it environmentally safe. It can be used as a stair case, ramp, scratching post, bed or toy. It can be used to teach younger pet’s to climb stairs or provide an easy means for older/weaker pet’s to get to an elevated position.

8. Carpeted Pet Steps
with Storage
By Crown Pet Products

These steps are tastefully handcrafted from hardwood, stained and has a lacquered finish. It’s also hinged to reveal a storage area, that’s ideal for toys, grooming tools and pet supplies. Each step has a pad of carpeting for noiseless stepping and to help your pet with good footing. There are also rubber pads on the bottom to keep the steps in place while in use and to protect your floor from any damage. It’s well suited for small animals that have joint issues.

7. Pine Wood Pet Stairs
For Pets with Short Legs
& A Long Body
By Petsfit

Petsfit Wooden Pet Stairs are made out of a sturdy, quality pine wood, that can hold up to 100lb. Your small pet(s) can use it to get to high places, like beds or sofas. These stairs are designed to be easy to put together and there are rubber grips on the base to keep it firmly in place while in use. Ideal for small, young or elderly pets.

6. Folding Plastic Pet Stairs
By PetMaker

PetMaker has designed a durable Multi-Step—3 or 4 steps—Pet Stairs, that can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s a foldable, easy to use, staircase that has pads that help your pet with traction as they climb. It’s a plastic construction, that is designed to be durable and easy to clean. When it’s not in use, you can simply fold it and store it. It’s portable, lightweight and is a manageable size—ideal for pets under 40lbs.

5. Cozy Pet Plush Steps
By Dallas Manufacturing Co.

Cozy pet has created a plush, tan and chocolate brown covered pet steps, that blends with most home decor. It’s made from a light weight, durable honeycomb cardboard. Because it’s lightweight—6 lbs or less—and has a handle, these steps are easily portable. The base is designed to be skid proof, the steps have extra padding and the removable cover is 100% machine washable.

4. Fleece Covered Cat Steps
3 Step Design 
By Armarkat

This pet friendly pet stepper, is visually appealing and is designed to go well with most home decor. The board material is made out of pressed wood and it’s covered with a faux fleece material. It has a strong base, it’s easy to put together and it can hold up to 70 lbs.

3. Foam Plush Pet Stairs
By Best Pet Supplies, Inc.

This pet stair case is available in 3, 4, or 5-steps. It has a base that is designed not to slip. The foam that this pet stair case is made out of is flame retardant and is free of chemicals that may be hazardous to your pet or the environment. The cover can be removed and machine washed; or you can order a new cover. These steps are well suited for helping small animals get to higher levels.

2. Plastic Pet Staircase
Easy 3 Step Design
By Pet Gear

This 3 step pet staircase, gives your pet access to couches and beds. It’s small, easy to use and well suited for small animals. It has rubber grips on the base to prevent slipping and it’s simple to put together.

1. Foldable Plastic Pet Steps
By PetSafe

One of the really nice things about PetSafe Solvit’s Pet Steps is that it’s able to support 150 lb. and only weigh 5 lb. Like most pet stairs, it’s able to help pets get to window sills, couches, beds and more. It has side rails, non-skid padding(for traction) and is designed to be durable. It’s suited for small, medium, large, x-large pets and pets that are older/weaker or suffering from an illness/injury. 

In conclusion, if your pet is suffering from an injury, illness or is older; if it’s young or smaller and needs to get to an elevated position on it’s own. A good option to consider, may be a quality set of pet stairs. The above list is by no means an exhaustive showing of what’s on the market, however, it can point you in the direction of a quality pet staircase, that will fit your pet’s needs. Thanks for reading.