As a cat owner, you wouldn’t think that routinely feeding your pet would be complicated…and it isn’t. However, just because your cat is domesticated, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t retained certain instinctual eating behaviors. Cat’s are natural hunters and naturally expect to be challenged in order to eat. Even if they’re just foraging for their food, it activates their hunter instincts, making meal times an activity to which they’ll look forward.

Also, challenging your pet for their meals can have positive health benefits. Presenting challenges can slow down feeding time, thereby, helping to prevent obesity, vomiting, indigestion and other stomach related issues. Your cat can also get into the routine of only eating what he/she needs. The question is….How do you present these challenges at meal time? Well, one option to consider, are slow feeder bowls.

Slow feeder bowls are designed to make your cat work for it’s meals, by pawing through a maze of specially designed grooves in the bowl. There are many different designs available, but all feeder bowls are made with the intent to simulate a sense of foraging, searching or hunting. They’re made to keep your cat healthy and meals properly portioned.

If a Slow Feeder Bowl sounds like it might be the right feeding option for you, then the below list of quality slow feeder bowls, can help you in your search to find the right bowl for your cat’s needs. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of what’s available, but it’s a good place to start. Let’s take a look.

10. Collapsible Travel Bowls

Staruby has created a collapsible Pet Travel Bowl that is designed for slow feeding. It has peaks and valleys inside the bowl, that make feeding time a challenging game, rather than an easy meal to gobble in a few bites. When meal time is done, the bowls can be folded and stored away. It’s ideal for traveling, outdoor camping, hiking and many more outdoor occasions. Two are sold in a pack and it has the capacity to hold 20 oz. of water and 3 cups of food.

9. Ceramic Slow Feeder
By Lorde

Lorde has designed a slow feed bowl that your cat can interact with. The bowl was designed to be like a maze with space between ridges and valleys so as to slow down the time it takes to eat, while making mealtimes fun. Slower eating, supports healthy eating. It reduces the chances of obesity and helps to prevent indigestion. The feeder has a smooth surface, so your pet doesn’t injure his/her tongue and it is also odor-free, cadmium & lead free; it’s safe for the dishwasher, microwave and made from premium ceramic.

8. Slow Feeder
& Water Bowl

By Upsky

UPSKY created a water bowl and slow feeder combination that supports healthy eating in a fun way. This feeder design is different in that a water bowl is connected to a smaller feeder bowl to save on space. The water bowl is made from stainless steel, while the feeder bowl is created from a food grade PP resin material, that is durable, non-toxic, resistant to acid and alkali. There are elevated parts in the feeder bowl, that act as deterrents to slow down feeding, thereby improving digestion. With this design, your cat will take the time to forage for his/her food. Lastly, there is a rubber anti-slip mat, that is placed at the base, to prevent the bowls from slipping while your pet eats it’s meals.

7. Slow Feeder
with Interactive

By Detop

Detop has designed a slow feeder, that is made out of 100% silicone material. It’s durable, doesn’t warp and is safe for food. The grooves that are designed into it are created to slow down your pet’s eating, so as to prevent things like regurgitation, overeating, obesity and bloating. This is a bowl with a unique design, that promotes healthy eating habits.

6. Purple Slow Feeder
with Interactive
Grass Blades

By Mogoko

Mogoko’s Slow Feeder Pet Bowl, is designed to simulate blades of grass. It’s safe and it inspires a cat’s natural urge to forage for food, making meal times more fun. This bowl “slows your pet’s digestion by 10 times”, helping to prevent gulping, vomiting, bloating, indigestion and other digestive issues.

5. Green Slow Feeder
with Multi-Sized
Puzzle Chips

VOFO’s pet feeder is a slow feeder that has different sized chips extending from the base, to act as a maze and slight deterrent. The affect is that your pet is slowly hunting for it’s food, in a puzzle like structure. The design is simple, smooth and lightweight, which can be taken with you on your travels. This pet feeder can hold wet and dry food and is ideal for both cats & dogs. Lastly, VOFO’s pet feeder can be rinsed and wiped with water—Do not scrub.

4. Slow Feeder
with 25 Portion

By Neater Pet Brands

Neater Pet Brand Foods has created a feeder that serves your pet 25 individual portions, in order to reduce fast eating, gulping and bloating. It’s easy on the gums and it has 3 inches of space between servings, allowing for plenty of space for your pet to eat in comfort. If you would like to extend the height; sturdy, 7.5” snap on leg extensions are available. The Neater Slow Feeder can hold up to six cups of food; it can also be used as a water bowl, being able to hold 160 oz.

3. Tiger Diner 
Treat Fetcher
By SmartCat

SmartCat’s Tiger Diner is a ceramic cat feeder that challenges your cat to dig out his own food. It’s a unique design, with several slots from which to fetch out food. The effort it takes, will help him to only acquire what he needs; so that he doesn’t overeat or waste his food. The Tiger Diner helps to prevent obesity and indigestion.

2. Slow Feeder
with Cat Face Design
By Simply Pets Online

Simply Pet’s Slow Feed Cat Bowl was developed by veterinarians to use in their clinics. It is created from rice husks and bamboo fibers, which is safe for food and pets. This bowl supports healthy slow eating, can prevent obesity, regurgitation and indigestion. It’s FDA & LFGB approved, biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic and safe for the dishwasher. It’s larger than most standard kitty bowls, at the same time, smaller amounts of food go further, because of it’s unique design. You can put dry and wet food in this bowl and it’s cat face design and vibrant colors make it a fun piece to match with your decor.

1. Treat Digger
By Catit 

The Catit Senses 2.0 Digger inspires cats to fetch their treats in a stimulating way. The design engages your kitty’s instinctual pawing behavior when it wants a treat. Just place some treats in one or all of the tubes available and watch your cat sniff and paw it out. This method of feeding is a fun activity that promotes a new—eat what you need—behavioral routine. The design consist of 5 green tubes—3 short, 2 long—that raise out of a white sturdy base. It has a rubber mat at the bottom to hold it’s position and it’s “easy to clean”.

In conclusion, Slow Feeder Bowls are a good option, if you want to slowdown your cat’s eating behavior. Also, they can add an element of stimulation, while giving them a sense of hunting/working for their food. This can have a positive effect on your pet’s health and make meal times, fun times. I hope that the above list helps you to find the right bowl for your pet’s needs or just point you in the right direction. Thanks for reading.