Catnip is a fun treat, that has many uses for cats. Most cats—not all—are magnetized to catnip and react to it in various ways, but hyperactivity is the most common response. Then after a period of 10-15 minutes, the effect wears off. Afterwards, your cat may experience a period of calmness and relaxation.

With the above in mind, you can use catnip to:

  • Encouraging exercise through play 
  • Use as a training reward
  • Rub on a scratching post, to stop scratching furniture
  • Rub inside of a new carrier, to get your cat familiar with it 
  • Fill catnip toys
  • Use to reduce stress

Using catnip is an ideal way to keep your cat happy, through playful excitement and relaxation. It’s so effective, that there’s no shortage of offerings on the market. If you find that you’re looking for catnip, to put a little more joy into your kitty’s life, below is a list of “11 Quality Catnip Products”, to help make your search a little easier. 

11. Starwest Botanical
Catnip Leaf
By Starwest Botanical

Starwest Botanical is a pound of Catnip Leaf from Canada, that’s cut and sifted, then sold in a resealable mylar bag. It’s Kosher Certified and the company is cGMP compliant—current good manufacturing practices.

10. Kitti Krack
Natural Silvervine
By Twin Critters

Kitti Krack is a natural powder made from Silvervine Fruit. It contains two key organic ingredients—actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide—which helps to make it an attractant, that is proven to be powerful, intense and longer lasting than catnip. It’s natural, pure and wild harvested in China and Japan—there are no preservatives or additives. With a whiff or two, Kitti Krack can help your cat exercise by having fun.

9. From The Field
Silvervine Catnip Blend
By From The Field

From The Field is a blend of Silvervine Fruit and Catnip. It’s potent, fresh and a rare alternative for cats that are not affected by regular catnip. It’s sold in a tub or a bag and it helps to promote exercise, through playful activity.

8. Premium Catnip Spray
By Pet Craft Supply

Natural Catnip Spray is a potent essential oil, that’s pure and made without chemicals or pesticides. The catnip is harvested at the best time of the season, to ensure potency. It’s made to be sprayed on toys, bedding, cat condos etc…It’s ideal to use, when you want to naturally stimulate your cat, without making a mess. 

7. Premium Potent Catnip
By Pet Craft Supply

Pet Craft Supply Co. presents, a Premium Potent Catnip, without fillers, pesticides or chemicals. It’s grown and harvested at the best time of the season, to guarantee potency. It acts as a natural attractant, helping to redirect misbehavior. It’s a safe, non-toxic and healthy product, with which your cat can play and have fun.

6. Pure Bliss
Catnip Pouch
By Petlinks

The Pure Bliss Pouch is 100% Certified, Organic Catnip, with very little stems. It’s non-toxic, free of chemicals and pesticides, which means it’s safe for your kitty to use. It’s a natural attractant, that is designed to stimulate your cat to play, then relax afterwards. It’s ideal to put in cat toys, sprinkle in the play area or use as a treat to train your cat.

5. Cosmic Catnip
Pure Herbal Catnip
By OurPets

OurPets, Cosmic Catnip is 100% Natural Herbal Catnip, that is grown in North America. It’s safe and has a fragrance that magnetizes and entices cats to have a fun, playful time. It’s ideal for filling cat toys, to be sprinkled on bedding or rubbed on a scratching post, to avoid misbehavior. It’s available in 0.5 oz. bags to 4 oz. jars.

4. SmartyKat
Organic Catnip
By SmartyKat

SmartyKat, Organic Catnip is pure, potent, chemical-free and safe. It contains blossoms and aromatic oils, that add to the attractive and stimulative qualities. This helps to provide pleasure and fun to your cat’s playtime. The contents come in a resealable pouch and are 0.5 oz.

3. Cat Crack Catnip
By Cat Crack

Cat Crack Catnip is a proprietary, premium, herb blend, created with the intention of maximum potency. It has no artificial ingredients or preservatives and it is harvested at the best time of the season. It’s 100% natural and you only need to sprinkle some on your cat’s favorite chew toy, scratch post or bed to see the happy-go-lucky effect it has on him/her.

2. KONG Naturals
Premium Catnip

KONG is a Natural, Premium Catnip that is grown in North America. You can give it to your kitty as a treat or use it to fill his/her toy. KONG has 1 oz. or 2 oz. available and a cat toy is included—ideal for indoor cats.

1. Just For Cats Catnip
By Hartz

Hartz, Just For Cats Catnip, contains 1 oz. of dried herbal catnip, that’s ready to be sprinkled onto or in your cat’s favorite toy or bedding. It’s ideal for enticing your kitty to exercise through play and the effects last from 10-20 minutes. There is only one ingredient and it is all natural and non-toxic.

In conclusion, there are many helpful uses for catnip. It can bring a lot of joy, exercise and relaxation into your cat’s life. It can also help to create a good association with positive behavior. If it seems like catnip is an ideal choice for your kitty, the above list of “11 Quality Catnip Products”, can help you with your search for the right brand. Thanks for reading.