As a cat owner, you may find that there are times, when your kitty can become quite unnerved. Throughout the course of it’s life, there are various situations, that can put your cat on edge; The introduction of another pet, moving into a new environment, a life changing medical procedure or any traumatizing event, can contribute to your pet’s anxiety. Whatever the cause, it’s important to understand, that all living things are susceptible to stress, even cats. If you’re like most pet owners, you see your cat as a member of the family and you may want to do what you can, to relieve your cat’s stress; To that end, one option to consider are Pheromones.

Pheromones are chemical messages that are sent from one animal to another—within the same species. Pheromones are colorless and odorless and in the case of cats, they can be used to send comforting signals, that help your kitty to relax. So, if your cat is on edge—because you’ve moved him/her to a new location—you can use pheromones to send messages like, “this a safe place” or “this is your home”. There’s a few ways to do this.

Some companies make plug-in diffusers that can be plugged in an outlet, to warm the pheromones, then it is released throughout the room; other companies sale them in spray bottles, droplet bottles or on cat collars. Also, although the main use for pheromones is to calm your pet, there are many products on the market that cater to different needs. Below is a quick at-a-glance list of quality pheromone products, that can help you in your search to find comfort for your kitty.

12. Cat Calming
Pheromone Spray
By ThunderEase

ThunderEase recreated a cat calming pheromone spray that’s associated with nursing. This helps to naturally and safely, reduce a cat’s anxiety. ThunderEase calming spray is a vet recommended solution that helps to reduce urine spraying, furniture scratching and other unwanted behaviors. It’s ideal to take with you when you travel or to spot treat objects by spraying it onto furniture, carriers or inside the car. Helps with traveling, boarding, vet visits and changes to the home.

11. Scratching Attractant for Cats
By Feliway Feliscratch

FeliScratch is designed to coax your cat to scratch something other than your furniture—ideally a scratching post! When cats scratch, they leave behind a pheromone that encourages them to scratch those places again. FeliScratch contains a synthetic copy of this pheromone. Apply it to a scratching post or anywhere you want your cats to scratch. This scratching attractant will encourage your cat to scratch wherever you have applied it, helping them to stop the habit of scratching your furniture.

10. Calming Diffuser + Refill
By Relaxivet

Relaxivet is designed to be used for cats and dogs. It is a calming diffuser, that uses natural and safe anti-stress ingredients to relieve tension/anxiety from your pet’s nervous system. Vet tested and recommended; it is designed to help calm your pet’s aggressions and in doing so, protect your home from destructive behavior. It can also be used  to help with separation anxiety, to help your pet get used to new living conditions and so much more.

9. Calming Multi-Cat
Diffuser Kit
By ThunderEase

Just like the spray, the thunderEase diffuser kit uses pheromones that communicate nursing. The only difference here, is the applications. Where as the spray is good for spot application, the diffuser is good for spreading the pheromones throughout the area of a room of up to 700 square feet. Like the spray, the diffuser can be used to calm multiple cats.  It’s vet recommended and has been clinically tested to be effective against hissing, biting, scratching, fighting and other aggressive behavior that is known to occur in a multi-cat household.

8. Calming Collar
for Cats
By Fedciory

Fedciory presents a calming collar that contains lavender and chamomile essential oils, that help to alleviate the anxiety and tension of hyperactive, anxious, frightened and stressed cats. It begins to work within 1 hour and improves unwanted behavior related to separation anxiety, thunderstorms, being alone, vet visits, traveling, transportation, loud noises, new environments, social interactions and being in heat. This collar is one-size-fits-all, and it works continuously for 30 days to stop unwanted marking or scratching.

7. Calming Collar
For Cats & Small Dogs
By Relaxivet

The Relaxivet Calming Collar for cats and small dogs, helps to eliminate unwanted behaviors caused by anxiety. The lavender scent starts working within one hour to calm and reduce your pet’s stress; these effects last up to 30 days. This collar helps to alleviate all sorts of stress related behaviors caused by fear, being in heat, loud noises, transportation, traveling, vet visits, being alone, fireworks, thunderstorms, and more. It’s a safe alternative to medications, it does not cause addiction and is made for long-term use. 

6. Travel Spray
By Feliway

This Feliway Spray product is ideal for travel. It helps to reduce scratching, urination marking or destructive behavior associated with fear or stressful situations—just spray the marked or affected area. It also supports calm behavior from your pet while in transport and soothes him/her while getting adjusted to a new environment. It’s odorless, colorless, non-toxic and has no effect on other animals or people—it’s not a tranquilizer or drug.

5. Just for Cats
Calming Spray
By Nature’s Miracle

Cats are easily stressed by small changes to their daily routine. This could be due to something that can’t be avoided, like travel or separation. Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray, contains a soothing aroma blend for your cat, that’s designed to help decrease your cat’s anxiety. The scents create a calm atmosphere that help to relax your cat without the need for unnatural sedatives.

4. Feliway Classic Spray
By Feliway

This pheromone spray is an odorless copy of a cat’s facial pheromones. It helps felines feel more relaxed in their environment. It has been proven to reduce scratching and spraying in 9/10 cats and it also helps with defecating, agitation and meowing. It’s designed for travel, but is also ideal for getting your cat acclimated to a new environment.

3. 24/7 Pheromone Collar
By NurtureCALM

NurtureCalm 24/7 is a safe, round the clock, anxiety treatment, that is an ideal alternative to prescription medication. It’s been proven to be effective on cats as well as dogs, in treating behavior related to phobias, stress, anxieties, travel, new environments and social interactions. This collar is designed to deliver high quality pheromones continuously, wherever your pet is located.

2. Multi-Cat Diffuser
Starter Kit
By Feliway

Feliway Multi-Cat is a Vet Recommended solution to help multiple cats live together in harmony. Because cats can get set in their ways, keeping several cats happy can be difficult. This diffuser emits an odorless copy of the harmony marker pheromone. It helps to create a friendly environment amongst multiple cats. This diffuser is clinically proven to help decrease both the frequency and intensity of tension between cats in the home. For best results, the diffuser should be used continuously for 30 days. Place it in a room, where your cats spend most of their time.  

1. Sentry Calming Collar
for Cats

SENTRY Calming, Lavender, Chamomile Fragrance Collars, contain a pheromone that helps reduce your cat’s stress-related behavior. They are scientifically proven to reduce meowing, marking, and scratching. The collars release pheromones for 30 days and they are safe for cats of all ages and breeds. 

In conclusion, because cat’s can experience anxiety for a number of reasons, they may behave in a way that can be unhealthy. It’s important to your cat’s well being, for them to be calm and emotionally balanced. If something has changed in their life or environment, to bring about stress, they may need your help to relax. One way to do this, is by using pheromones. You can use pheromones to communicate calm messages, so that your kitty once again feels safe and sound. The above is a brief, but informative list of quality pheromones, that can help to once again, bring your cat to a state of peace. Thanks for reading.