Feeding your cat doesn’t have to be a chore, but some forethought and proper choices can make the experience less work and more enjoyable for you and your pet. A good place to start, is to consider what type of bowl in which you’ll serve your cat’s meals.

Cat feeding bowls come in all shapes and sizes; they address different needs and issues. Finding the proper bowl for your cat’s specific needs, may take some time and effort. In the hopes of making your search a little easier, below is an at-a-glance list of some quality cat bowls that have different features. Take a look, you just might find exactly what your cat needs or at the very least, you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

12. Ceramic Pet Bowls
By Bone Dry

These pet bowls are made out of porcelain ceramic, with a silicone rim at the base to prevent sliding around and making a mess. The graphic is a grey and white marble print, that goes well with a classy decor—other prints are available. It’s safe to use in the dish washer and can be cleaned easily. Ideal for small cats.

11. Interactive Feeder Bowl
By Yoyoung

The valleys and ridges of this slow feeder cat bowl lengthens your pets eating time by 10x. It helps promote a healthy eating experience by preventing vomiting, bloating and obesity. It becomes a fun interactive challenge when your pet tries to retrieve it’s food, helping your kitty to use it’s natural hunter instincts. It’s made out of a high quality, food grade plastic. It’s water proof and dishwasher safe.

10. Elevated Pet Bowls
By Lepet

This is an elevated, water proof, pet food table, that is made from bamboo and comes with four bowls—ceramic and stainless steel, which are dishwasher safe. Two bowls comfortably fit inside two wells that are cut into the table. Cat and paw designs are tastefully carved into the long sides of the table, while the bowl well has the shape of a cat’s ears, bevelled into the surrounding surface—see photo. It’s designed to be sturdy, solid and durable and has convenient handles making the whole table easily movable—or just the bowls.

9. Non-Spill Pet Bowl
By Bonza

The Bonza cat food bowls, are two premium stainless steel, anti-spill cat bowls, with a silicon bottom that prevents sliding and a spill groove to capture scattered food or water. Also, because the silicon base keeps the bowls in one place, it prevents floor scratching and big messes. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to sink clean. It also has a one year 100% guarantee. 

8. Double Ceramic,
Elevated Pet Bowls
By MushroomCat

Supported by an iron, anti-slip frame; two high-grade ceramic bowls fit comfortably in holders. Designed to feed your pet from an elevated position, this raised feeding table supports good digestion, posture and less bloating. There are several bowl graphics to choose from, it’s dishwasher safe, easy to clean and the vendor offers a 100% money back guarantee.

7. Whisker Friendly,
Cat Bowl
By Dr. Catsby

This cat food bowl’s shallow dish design, makes it whisker friendly. It also prevents overfeeding, because the design controls portioning. It’s made out of a kitchen grade, stainless steel and it comes with a food grade, silicon, anti-slide mat, so that it stays in one place. It’s dishwasher safe, doesn’t absorb bacteria, non-toxic and non-allergenic. 

6. Designer Bowls
By Ureverbasic

These bowls are made from high quality stainless steel, which makes it anti-corrosive and resistant to rust. It’s sanitary, designed to last a long time and appropriate for wet and dry food as well as water. The colors are fresh and appealing, with a cat graphic on the front. There is also anti-skid rubber on the base to prevent the bowl from sliding and making a mess. The bowls hold 8 oz. and use little space.

5. Slow Feed Cat Bowl
By Simply Pets Online

This is a large eco-friendly slow feed bowl. It’s molded in the shape of a cat face and it’s grooves slow down eating, so as to prevent vomiting, bloating, obesity and overeating. It’s made from rice husks and bamboo fiber, making it biodegradable, non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Because the objective is to slow feed your cat, the bowl is larger in size then the standard cat bowl; However, it’s designed by veterinarians and certified by the FDA. It’s also safe to wash in the dishwasher.

4. Ecoware Cat Dish
By Van Ness

The whisker fatigue that happens when cats eat out of tall bowls, is minimized with this shallow, wide design(with a cat face print). This flat and open design allows your cat to eat stress-free. It has a highly polished, eco-friendly design, that is advertised as “unbreakable” under normal conditions. The non-skid design prevents the bowl from sliding, creating a mess and scratching the floor. It’s made from a plant source, which makes it eco-friendly—safe for the environment and your pet.

3. No-Spill Station

The UPSKY bowl is made to hold food in a scatter proof rim design. This helps to prevent your pet from making a mess while eating. The bowls are positioned at a comfortable height, so that your pet’s neck is not bent in an awkward way. It’s a double bowl design, where as the bowls are made from stainless steel and the base is made out of a durable, sky blue, plastic resin. The bowls are easy to remove, making everything easy to wash.

2. Raised Cat Food Bowl
By Necoichi

This raised cat food bowl is designed to reduce stress on your pets back. Because the design is elevated, your cat won’t have to extend it’s neck down in an uncomfortable position. It’s the “perfect height for maximum comfort when eating” and “it helps prevent gagging”. The curve of the bowl, keeps food centered, as opposed to scattering it across a more flat surface. It’s safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. It is designed with an inner lip, to make the bowl ”spill-Free”. It has a cute paw print design, over a white ceramic bowl.

1. Neater Feeder,
Deluxe Pet Bowls
By Neater Pet Brands

The Neater Feeder is designed to separate the water that spills, from the food that spills. When your pet spills water, it pours into a drain and into a lower level section. The high spill guard, contains stray food in the upper section, so that it can be used again or thrown away. The sturdy design makes it hard to kick over and feeds your pet from an elevated position—helping with digestion and joints. It has two stainless still bowls, for food and water. It also comes in six colors. 

In conclusion, feeding your cat doesn’t have to be work. In fact, with some of the really nice bowls on the market, meal-time could actually be fun and interactive. Choosing the right bowl could mean the difference between an obese cat or a cat that is at a healthy, normal weight. Hopefully, the above list helped to narrow your search down to a few possibilities, so that you can make your cat’s feeding experience enjoyable. Thanks for reading.