Cat’s are territorial creatures. No matter how domesticated they are, they’ll always want to claim some space for themselves, preferably in a high place. If you want a relatively content kitty, you may want to consider options that can satisfy its living space needs. One option to consider are Cat Wall Climbers.

Cat Wall Climbers are platforms that can be mounted and arranged on the wall to create an elevated activity space for your cat. Cat Wall Climbers usually consist of scratching posts, steps, drawbridges, hammocks, platforms, etc. Depending on the company, the designs can be basic to unique and elaborate; what you choose greatly depends on your cat’s needs and the size and decor of your living space.

Finding the appropriate cat wall climber will take some research. Below is a brief list of quality cat wall climbers, that will hopefully make your search a little easier.

12. Wood Cat Climber Cloud
By Here & There

The Cat Climber Cloud is made from quality pine wood, making it solid and durable; also, sisal rope is used to make the scratching post. This cat climber gives your cat a space that is high enough for it to claim as it’s own. It has a rest area and a suspension bridge, that is a space saving, compact construction. It’s ideal for cat’s that need an elevated place to perch and it comes with screws and anchors that are designed for easy installation. The Cat Climber Cloud is a stylish design that can be painted to match any decor or mounted with it’s original wood finish.


11. Pine Wood
Cat Climber Set
9 Pieces
By Tinton Life

Tinton Life has designed a cat climber that suits an apartment or home with little space. These wall mounted structure are designed to be compact and able to flow in most living quarters. The cat climbers are created from quality pine wood—making them durable—while natural sisal rope is used to create the scratching post. 

10. Tall Cat Tree House
By Reeple

This activity tower is made to be used by four adult cats. The trays can support up to 10kg, so don’t worry if your cat is a little on the hefty side. The tubes that hold the platforms are made out of compressed cardboard, that’s glued together. The tubes are dense and are capable of holding the platforms in place. This cat tree is designed to blend nicely with most decor. It’s made out of soft material, so it’s gentle on your pet’s nose, paws and it’s ideal for play or rest. The sisal rope used for the scratching post is strong and highly durable and all the tools and assembly pieces are included.


9. Cat Activity Tree
with Scratching Post
By Pedy

The Pedy Cat Activity Tree is a condo with a perch, that has two levels. It comes with a hammock and two scratching post that are covered with hemp rope; making it ideal for your cat(s) to use this activity tree to rest, play and perch.

8. Play Place Hammock
By CatastrophiCreations

CatastrophiCreation’s, Play Place Hammock is a uniquely designed activity space for your cat to rest and play. The canvas made hammocks are able to support 62 lbs. and the wood parts can support 85 lbs. The english chestnut shelving is designed to be solid and durable and the brackets are attached for easy assembly.

7. One Cat Post Step
By CatastrophiCreations

This floating sisal cat post is designed to be used as a stepping tool. It’s hand-crafted from sisal rope and is easy to mount on your wall. It’s ideal for your cat’s climbing and scratching needs.

6. Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower
By PetFusion

The ultimate climbing tower takes about 20 minutes to set up. Afterwards, your kitty can a enjoy stretching, climbing, lounging and perching on a tower that was designed to stimulate your cat in a fun, healthy manner. This activity tree is created with stylized platforms and a tall sisal roped scratching post.

5. Tall Cat Climbing Tree
with Perches
By Roypet 

Roypet has designed an Activity Climbing Tree that has multiple platforms for your cat to use as a playground, perch or rest area. It has a sizable hammock, that is ideal for comfy rest and relaxation. It’s made to be constructed safely and easily with a unique assembly tool.

4. Wall Mounted
Cat Scratching Post

with Multi-Level
Cat Shelves

By Big Nose

This is a wall mounted design that uses steps, boards and hammocks that can be added as needed. The materials used to create this multi-level cat shelf are natural. It’s a compact space saver and it allows for your kitty to climb high, fast and easy.

3. Wall Mounted Cat Set
By Trixie Pet Products

Trixie provides a wall mounted cat set that is ideal for modern homes with limited space. Designed with two perches, a comfortable hammock and a plush condo that’s lined with sisal rope to keep your feline engaged. Pick what you need to create the perfect elevated activity center.

2. Door Mounted Cat Tree
By K&H Pet Products

The K&H Hangin’ Cat Condo is a playhouse that is ideal for homes with limited space. Its unique, compact design is sturdy and simple, with the ability to accommodate several cats. It’s designed with seven holes and 5 connecting layers for your kitty to play hide and seek or whatever activity that suits them. It’s made to be quick and easy to install—no tools required. It can be disassemble quickly, folded and stored. The hangin’ cat condo is made out of nylon, designed to last and easy to clean.


1. Door Hanging Cat Climber
By SmartCat

The SmartCat Cat Climber is designed to hang on most doors in your living space. This cat climber is ideal if you don’t have a large living space. It can be moved from one door to the next with ease. It has a standard sisal scratching post and shelves made of a solid, durable wood, that will last a long time. With the SmartCat Cat Climber, your cat can rest, exercise and scratch in a compact space.

In conclusion, there’s quite a few cat wall climbers to choose from and this is hardly an exhaustive list; However, it’s a start and if you can’t find exactly what you need above, you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Cat wall climbers are fun, stimulating and can provide your kitty with their very own elevated space from which to perch and survey. Hopefully, the above list can help you find the cat climber that can accommodate your living space, as well as your cat’s needs. Thanks for reading.