Probiotics are a great way to help ensure that your cat stays in good health. Just like in humans, probiotics are healthy bacteria that are used to keep our digestive tract in good shape. Cats can benefit from a healthy digestive tract as well. If you are already feeding your cat high-quality pet food, you’re on the right track to keeping your cat healthy, and probiotics will benefit your cat even more. So, what kind of probiotic does your cat need? Below Is a brief list of probiotics to help you pick out the perfect supplement for your furry friend. 

*Side effects of probiotics are usually pretty rare, but just like any other supplement, you should ask your vet before giving your cat any type of probiotic.

13. Nexabiotic Probiotic,
With Diarrhea Treatment
& Constipation Support

By DrFormulas

This easy-to-use probiotic can treat your cats diarrhea and maintain good digestive health. Simply put the capsule into your pet’s food, mix it up and it’s ready to be fed to your pet. Nexabiotic Probiotic for Cats and Kittens contains a blend of 23 probiotic strains to support regular bowel movements and general health.

12. Rx Biotic Powder
By Rx Vitamins

Rx Vitamins Essentials can help your cat with digestive tract issues such as diarrhea, constipation or even vomiting. This probiotic works hard to push good bacteria into your cat’s system and push the harmful bacteria out.

11. Daily Probiotics
By Pet Naturals

Daily Probiotic for Cats by Pet Naturals comes in a duck-flavored chewable treat. It’s beneficial to your cat’s daily health, but can also be helpful if your cat has recently had high-stress levels from an illness or travel. The prebiotic and probiotic combination supports a healthy digestive system and a strong immune system. Each probiotic contains 100 million CFU’s of bacillus coagulans and 200 mg of FOS fiber, packed together in one piece. Every one of Pet Naturals Of Vermont’s products, is NASC approved and veterinarian formulated.

10. Premo Probiotics
By Premo Probiotics

Premo Probiotics For Cats is proven to help with different health issues such as diarrhea, constipation, yeast infections, gut inflammation, excessive shedding, and skin issues. The concentrated powder is specially made for a cat’s digestive system. Each serving of this powder contains 1 billion CFU’s of flora and FOS prebiotics. The FOS prebiotic helps produce even more healthy bacteria for your cats system to ensure that their health is the best it can be.

9. PureAll, All-In-One
By Simien Pets

This supplement combines probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in a powder to support your pet’s overall health. PureAll provides benefits for your cat or dog’s hips, joints, digestive system, immune system, skin, fur, and bones. It can be used on puppies, kittens, adult animals, and even elderly pets. Each container has 100 servings, which are easy to use and feed to your pets.

8. Plant Enzymes & Probiotics
By Animal Essentials

Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics, contains a beneficial blend of plant and microbial enzymes. This supplement supports your pet’s digestive system, by breaking down fats, carbohydrates, cellulose, and protein. Animal Essentials enzymes work over a broad pH range, so they stay active longer in your pet’s digestive tract and system. 

7. Vetrinex Labs Probiotics
By Vetrinex Labs

Vetrinex Labs Probiotics For Dogs and Cats, can benefit your pet in many ways. If your pet has had any issues with diarrhea, yeast infections, constipation, allergies, itchy fur, gas, upset stomach, after antibiotic issues or digestive system problems, this probiotic could be a good choice to consider. This brand of probiotics contains a complete blend of seven beneficial strains to help your pet’s immune and digestive system.

6. TummyWorks,
Probiotic Powder

By Finest For Pets

TummyWorks Probiotic Powder will help relieve common issues in your pet, such as diarrhea, yeast infections, gas, bad breath, bloating and constipation. The probiotic powder supports a healthy digestive tract in cats and dogs, as well as a healthy immune system. If your cat has recently been through antibiotic treatment, you should consider this probiotic powder. It’s packed with ten beneficial probiotics and six digestive enzymes that will optimize digestive health.

5. Probonix Probiotics
By Probonix

Looking for an organic probiotic for your cat? Probonix Probiotics For Cats is an organic, non-GMO liquid that’s easy to give to your cat. Put six drops of the liquid onto their food or their water once a day to ensure their general and immune system health.

4. Vetri Mega Probiotics
By VetriScience Laboratories

All natural microorganisms in VetriScience Mega Probiotics help ensure a healthy digestive tract in dogs and cats. If your pet suffers from food intolerances, poor eating habits or a poor immune system, think about trying VetriScience Mega Probiotics. From a small capsule containing five billion microorganisms, it could benefit the health of your pet immensely. Cats only need to be fed ½ of a capsule per day mixed with their food.

3. Proviable-DC,
Digestive Health Supplement

By Nutramax Laboratories 

Nutramax Proviable Health Supplement is a good source of naturally occurring microorganisms for your cat and/or dog. The probiotics come in capsules to give your pet a healthier digestive system, as well as a firmer stool. If your pet has recently suffered from an imbalance from antibiotic use, stress levels, food sensitivities, and immune system-related gastrointestinal conditions, Nutramax Proviable Health Supplement For Cats and Dogs may be the perfect way to help your pet.

2. Pet Ultimates Probiotics
By PetUltimates

Pet Ultimates Probiotics For Cats, helps support regular digestion and healthy skin. This brand of probiotics also reduces the stinky smell in the litter box, creates firmer stools and reduces shedding from your cat. It’s a good choice for your cat if it’s had digestive issues for a while or if you just want to make sure your cat is at it’s healthiest. Pet Ultimates Probiotics comes with a small scoop, you can portion out the perfect amount of powder to put on your cat’s food twice a day. Pet Ultimates Probiotics are ultra-concentrated and made in the United States in a certified GMP lab.

1. FortiFlora Probiotic
By Purina FortiFlora

This probiotic from Purina helps manage the digestive system of kittens and adult cats. Antioxidants and microorganisms are present in each dose of Purina FortiFlora to promote a healthy immune system and digestive system. Just put the recommended amount of powder to your kitten’s or cat’s food and they will be on their way to a healthier immune system. According to, FortiFlora is the #1 probiotic recommended by veterinarians.

In conclusion, probiotics can be highly beneficial to your cat. It can help solve many issues that many cats have; from diarrhea to after-antibiotic treatment, probiotics can be a good choice for cat owners. If a cat’s digestive tract is thrown off-track, it can compromise your cat’s immune system and overall health. If you notice uncommon symptoms in your cat or you just want to make sure your cat’s general health is supported, probiotics is an option you can consider. With that said, I hope the above list can help you in your search to better your pet’s health. Thanks for reading.