It’s pretty common for cat’s to scratch couches, chairs, carpets, rugs and curtains, so as to mark their territory or sharpen their claws. However, this can conflict with your need to have a well decorated home.

If you have a cat that likes to destroy your furniture by scratching it—particularly your couch—you may be looking for a solution that can help to deter this behavior.

The good news is, that there are several options that you can consider, when trying to discourage your cat from scratching-up your furniture. In that regard, below is a list of “5 Furniture Cat Repellent Ideas” for you to consider. 

5. Sentry Pet Care,
Sentry Stop That!

By Sentry Pet Care

Sentry offers a behavior correction spray called “Stop That”. It combines the use of noise and pheromones to produce a deterrent that can discourage unwanted behavior. “Stop that” is designed to redirect your cats behavior, safely and effectively with one burst.

4. Emmy’s Best Pet Products,
Stop The Scratch
Cat Spray Deterrent


Emmy’s Best Pet Products offers “Stop The Scratch” Cat Spray Deterrent. Because cat’s have a very sensitive sense of smell, this formula contains lemon grass and rosemary oil to create a smell that will naturally repel your cat. It doesn’t contain any alcohol and can be safely used on doorways, flooring, plants, fabric, drapes and other furniture.

3. Hoistac, 
Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape,
Double-Sided Adhesive

By Hoistac

Hoistac presents a double-sided, anti-scratch, deterrent tape that is 17.8” X 12”. This pack comes with 8 sheets of large coverage, double stick sheets. It’s designed to be easily installed and taken off, without damaging your furniture. It can be used on sofas, beds, counters, doorways and other furniture. It’s non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and residue free.

2. Panther Armor,
Scratch Deterrent Tape,
10 Pack

By Panther Armor

Panther Armor offers a 17” X 12”, 10-pack (5 XL & 5 L), scratch deterrent, tape guard that is double sided—both sides are sticky. Since cat’s don’t like sticky surfaces, these sheets act as a training tool, discouraging your cat from scratching the area that’s off limits. It’s non-toxic, residue-free and does not damage the furniture when it’s removed.

1. Stelucca Amazing Shields,
Furniture Protectors From Cats

By Stelucca Amazing Shields

Stelucca Amazing Shields Furniture Protector is a 17” X 12”, anti-scratch, plastic sheet guard, that’s designed to discourage your cat from scratching and damaging your upholstery. Designed to be strong and flexible, the large size helps to cover large areas or you can cut it into smaller pieces/shapes—depending on your needs. To install it, you peel off the adhesive back and place the sheet on the area your want to protect. If you want to secure it even more, you can screw-in plastic pens.

In conclusion, it’s normal for your cat to feel the need to scratch furniture. However, if you want them to stop, you’ll have to invest in a solution that is appropriate for deterring this behavior. The above list, are a few options to consider, if you want to redirect your cat’s scratching behavior to a designated location. Thanks for reading “5 Furniture Cat Repellent Ideas”.