If you have a cat, you may find that she’ll need her own space in which to retreat for fun and relaxation. Typically, cat trees are commonly used to fulfill this need, but if you don’t have enough space, you may need an alternative solution.

Another option to consider is a Hanging Cat Condo For The Door. Hanging Cat Condos are designed for compact living with your cat. It has several connecting compartments, that can be hung from a door and can act as a fun hiding place for one or several cats—without taking up a lot of space.

If this is a solution that best suits your needs, then the below list of “5 Hanging Cat Condos For The Door” might be worth reviewing.

5. One For Pets,
Five Storey,
Cat Activity Tower

By One For Pets

One for Pets presents a 5-Storey, All-In-One, Portable Cat Activity Tower. Made for easy assembly, this structure can mount on a wall or hang on a door. It’s created with strong nylon canvas mesh and metal frames, so as to be sturdy and durable. The compartments are adjustable for size and each level has a comfortable mat that can be removed.

4. PawHut,
Climbing Cat Tree Tower

By PawHut

PawHut offers a 108″(Floor-to-Ceiling), Adjustable, Staggered Climbing Cat Tree Tower. It’s designed with 4 perches and 1 hammock that can be repositioned. It’s made to be easily transported to another area when needed. The perch material is made to be soft and comfortable for easy relaxation.

Hangin’ Feline Funhouse

By K&H Pet Products

K&H PET PRODUCTS presents a Hangin’ Feline Funhouse that is 22” X 12 X 70”. It’s created to take up less space than your average cat tree. It has three levels, the fabric is waterproof—600 Denier nylon—and it’s designed to be installed easily.

2. K&H Pet Products,
Hangin’ Cat Condo

By K&H Pet Products

K&H Pet Products presents the Hangin’ Cat Condo. It’s designed to save on space by hanging from the door and it’s waterproof fabric is made to be durable. It has an opening for every level and it comes with a one year warranty.

1. SmartCat,
Multi-Level Cat Climber

By SmartCat

SmartCat offers a Multi-Level Cat Climber that is made to hang from a door. It’s good for exercising, sleeping and climbing. It’s created with natural sisal rope, so it’s ideal for scratching and it can be easily transported to another space—made to fit almost any door.

In conclusion, Hanging Cat Condos For The Door are a fun solution for cat owners with a compact living space. Even if you don’t have a small home, it’s still worth considering as a funhouse for your cat. In that regard, the above list is a good starting place for exploring the different designs available to you. Good luck and thanks for reading “5 Hanging Cat Condos For The Door”.