The most common cat behavior that most people would like to correct is cat scratching. This is because it typically results in furniture being destroyed.

There are many training solutions that are designed to help with developing cat scratching behavior. One option to consider are spray solutions. Spray deterrents are designed to create boundaries around the object(s) you would like your cat to avoid.

In that regard, the list below are “5 Quality Cat Deterrents” that can potentially help you train your cat to avoid scratching certain objects in your home.

5. Sentry,
Stop That!
Behavior Correction

By Sentry

Sentry, offers “Stop That!” Behavior Correction Spray for Cats. This product uses pheromones and sound to stop undesirable behavior and redirect your cat’s attention. It’s designed to be safe, fast and convenient with no long term side effects.

4. Pet MasterMind,
Claw Withdraw,
Cat Scratch
Training Spray

By Pet MasterMind

Pet MasterMind offers Claw Withdraw, a Cat Scratch Training Spray. This indoor, anti-scratch repellent is a plant based solution that is designed to be stainless and effective against the destructive scratching of furniture and decor. It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the results. 

3. Emmy’s Best Pet Products, 
Stop The Scratch,
Cat Spray Deterrent

By Emmy’s Best Pet Products

Emmy’s offers “Stop The Scratch” Cat Spray Deterrent. This spray deterrent is made with a Rosemary Oil and Lemongrass to form an indoor/outdoor solution, that is a natural and safe anti-scratch furniture protector. It’s made to stop cat’s from scratching furniture, floors, drapes and other areas of the home that you may designate as off limits. The formula is designed to smell good to humans, but repel cats. It’s ideal to be used on drapes, fabrics, plants, flooring, doorways, furniture and more.

2. Bodhi Dog,
3-in-1 Cat & Kitten
Training Aid

By Bodhi Dog

Bodhi Dog offers a 3-in-1 solution for unwanted cat behavior. (1)Cat & kitten training aid with added bitter ingredients. (2)This is a cat repellent spray for indoor and outdoor use. (3)It’s designed to protect furniture, create boundaries and train cats to avoid designated areas. The bitter taste is designed to discourage your cat from gnawing, chewing and scratching furniture. It’s made to be humane, easy to use and stainless.

1. PetSafe,
Cat & Dog
Spray Deterrent

By PetSafe

PetSafe offers SSSCAT, a Cat and Dog Spray Deterrent that is a motion activated, pet repellent that helps to train pets to avoid designated areas. It’s battery-operated and environmentally friendly; while being safe for your pet, it protects your furniture.

In conclusion, cat scratching is very common and can occasionally get out of hand, sometimes resulting in destroyed furniture.

However, there are a number of solutions that can help to discourage your cat from scratching certain objects. This gives you the opportunity to redirect their scratching needs to a scratching post.

The list above are solutions that can help to train your cat in an acceptable manner. Thanks for reading “5 Quality Cat Deterrents”.