When it comes to the disposing of cat litter, ideally, you’ll want to a strong bag that can safely and securely contain the waste. It also helps that the smell is sealed in, so that your home is not overwhelmed with offensive odors.

To insure that your litter box disposal routine goes well, it helps to find a product that is specifically designed for the task and can suit you and your cat’s needs. In that regard, below is a list of “5 Quality Cat Litter Bags” for you to consider using for your litter box cleaning tasks.

5. Arm & Hammer,
Refills Waste Bags

By Arm & Hammer

These Arm & Hammer, Disposable Waste Bags contain activated baking soda to help control odor. It’s a 2 pack and each roll contains 360 bags. The size of each bag is 7″ x 2.3″ x 2.8″ and the colors are blue, silver and slate.

4. BeyondGreen,
Plant-Based, Cat Litter
Poop Bags

By BeyondGreen

BeyondGreen offers 100, 8” x 16” pick-up bags with handles. This is a plant-based product, that is made to be environmentally friendly. It’s designed to be leak proof, recyclable and seal in odors.

3. Hippipet,
Waste bags

By Hippipet

The Hippipet Biodegradable Waste bags are designed to be thick, durable, odor proof and eco friendly. Each bag is green, has a lavender scent and the count is 360 bags to a pack. They can be recycled and the size is 9” x 13”.

2. BOS,
Amazing Odor Sealing
Cat Waste Disposal Bags


The Amazing Odor Sealing Cat Waste Disposal Bags are 11.8” x 15.7”, durable, unscented and have a light blue color. It’s designed to safely seal in odor and bacteria, while containing your pet’s waste and cat litter. Each pack comes with 90 bags.

1. Teivio,
Trash Bags

By Teivio

Teivio offers 2.6 Gallon, Multi-Color, Multi-Purpose Trash Bags that can not only contain cat waste and litter, but can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, office or anywhere in the home that needs a small trash can liner. Each roll contains 330 bags.

In conclusion, in order to effectively carry out your litter box cleaning duties, you’ll need tools that are designed to be heavy duty. Cat litter bags that are made to contain the litter, waste and smell is an ideal place to start, when considering your litter box cleaning routine. The above list can help you get started when considering a litter bag that is appropriate for your cat’s litter box maintenance. Thanks for reading “5 Quality Cat Litter Bags”.