If you have a cat, then you have a litter box area that requires upkeep—especially your cat’s path to and from the litter box. Cats tend to track litter on the floor, as they get out of the litter box. So, it’s ideal to have a mat that can capture the litter, in a way that makes it easy to dispose of later.

When it comes to litter box management, it’s key to make your cleaning efforts quick, easy and efficient. Litter mats that are designed with these goals in mind, will help you save time and effort in the long run. To help you find a litter mat that’s appropriate for your needs, below is a list of “5 Quality Cat Mats” for you to consider.

5. PetFusion,
ToughGrip X
Cat Litter Mat

By PetFusion

The PetFusion, ToughGrip X Cat Litter Mat is designed to be waterproof, resistant to stain and durable. It has built-in inner ridges and a lip on the outer edge, to keep in litter that has been discarded. The color is grey and the size is 30 X 23 inches. It’s made to be easily cleaned with a vacuum, sponge and broom. With this design, there’s no need to be concerned with trapped litter that’s hard to remove.

4. Little Tiger,
Cat Litter Mat,
XL Super Size

By Little Tiger

This “Super Size XL Cat Litter Mat” is 46 X 35 inches. Since it covers such a large area, it gives your cat room to track residual litter onto the mat. It’s made with grooves and mesh to capture litter from a cat’s paws as it walks. The mesh is designed to be comfortable, so it can also be used for rest or play. The mat can be cleaned with a garden hose or a vacuum cleaner and the bottom has a slip resistant backing. It’s made to be durable and water resistant.

3. Polarduck,
Cat Litter
Trapping Mat

By Polarduck

The Polarduck “Cat Litter Trapping Mat” is a black or grey, honeycombed, double layer design that traps litter inside the fold of the urine and water proof material.  The mat size is 31 X 26 inches and can be conveniently emptied by picking it up and letting the litter fall back into the litter box for reuse. It’s designed to be thick, durable and slip proof.

2. Pawkin,
Cat Litter Mat

By Pawkin

The Pawkin Cat Litter Mat is designed to trap litter with a patented litter lock mesh. It’s made for durability, comfort and to keep the floor clean. The size is 35 X 23 inches and can be cleaned with a vacuum, rinsed off or shaken out. 

1. Gorilla Grip,
Ultimate Cat Litter Mat

By Gorilla Grip

The Gorilla Grip, Ultimate Cat Litter Trapper Mat, uses deep grooves and coil technology to capture litter that is tracked on to it or is kicked out of the box. It’s designed with a slip proof backing, so that it stays in place and keeps the litter contained in one area. It’s made to be durable and easy to clean. It comes in 6 different sizes and it’s available colors are beige, black, brown, burgundy, charcoal, cream, dark purple, dark turquoise, gray, hunter green, light blue, light pink, light purple, mint, navy, red and turquoise.

In conclusion, cat mats are a good way to help keep litter tracking to a minimum. It’s ideal to find a mat that can easily capture litter, but is also easy to clean later. With that in mind, the above list is a good starting place to help you find a mat, that is well suited to your needs. Thanks for reading “5 Quality Cat Mats”.