If you have an outdoor cat, then it’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have to remove ticks from her. Ticks can be a nuisance, but with the right tools and a proactive attitude, you can stay on top of this particular issue.

The tool you’ll need to deal with these parasites, is a tick remover. A tick remover is designed to be effective, easy to use and safe for your pet.

If you have an outdoor cat and you feel that you’ll be well prepared if you have this tool, the below list of “5 Quality Tick Removal Tools” are provided for your consideration.

5. TickEase,
Tick Remover,
Dual Tipped Tweezers

By TickEase

TickEase offers a Tick Remover with Dual Tipped Tweezers. It’s designed to remove ticks from pets, as well as humans and the dual-sided feature allows for two methods of removal. The slotted scoop is designed to slide under the tick, then with even pressure, lift it away. The tweezers are designed to handle different sized ticks. These tweezers come with a magnifier and instructions for tick testing.

4. Tick Tornado,
Tick Remover for Cats,
Dogs & People

By Tick Tornado

Tick Tornado offers ZenPet, a Tick Remover for Cats, Dogs & Humans. Created by a veterinarian, it’s designed to safely and effectively remove the whole tick. It’s hook, twist and lift method is designed to help prevent infection, so as to avoid lyme disease.

3. TickCheck,
Tick Remover, 
3 Pack

By TickCheck

TickCheck offers a Tick Remover Value Pack of 3, that contains tick remover tools, a tick identification card for humans, cats & dog. These tick removers are made to quickly, safely and simply remove ticks from pets. They come in 3 sizes and are created to be durable, as well as compact.

2. HomeSake,
Tick Removal Tool for Cats,
Dogs and Humans

By HomeSake

HomeSake offers a Tick Removal Tool for Cats, Dogs and Humans. Free of chemicals, it’s designed to remove the entire tick head and body, pain-free. This helps to prevent infection. It’s made to be fast and efficient with it’s latch, twist and pull technique. It’s created to be safe and 3 come in a pack.

1. TickCheck,
Tick Remover Kit

By TickCheck

TickCheck offers a Premium Tick Remover Kit that contains a stainless steel tick remover, tweezers, leather case, and free pocket tick identification card. These tick removal instruments have been designed and tested for quick and safe removal of ticks. The tick I.D. card informs you on what kind of tick you’re dealing with. Part of the proceeds from this product, goes to benefit lime research. Ideal for people who love outdoor adventures.

In conclusion, as annoying as ticks can be, with the right tools and checking procedure, you can regularly remove any tick that your cat may attract during her outdoor adventures. Tick removers are ideal for this task and are designed to be safe and easy to use. The above list can help you find a tick remover that is suited to your needs. Thanks for reading “5 Quality Tick Removal Tools”.