Scratching posts are an important tool to help your cat sharpen her claws. If you have a cat, then you’ll probably need a scratching post to keep her from destroying your furniture. However, there’s no reason why the scratching post can’t be a nice piece of decorative furniture as well.

Instead of having a boring post that’s just wrapped with rope, why not have an interesting design that blends nicely with your decor. The below list of “5 Quality Unique Cat Scratching Posts” are designs that go beyond function, to make a more visually appealing place for your cat to sharpen their claws.

5. PetPals,
Cat Tree
with Perch

By PetPals

PetPals offers a Hand-Made Perch and Cat Tree all-in-one. The base and top are naturally made from paper rope and the paddings are covered with fleece. A feather dangles from the perch to stimulate your cat and it takes about ten minutes to assemble.

4. Suvuo,
Mushroom Scratching Post
for Cats & Kittens

By Suvuo

The Suvuo Cat Scratching Post is designed to look like a mushroom. It has faux grass upholstered to the base and it is covered with 100% natural sisal, which is wrapped by hand. It’s designed to be assembled in two steps.

3. Catry,
Natural Looking
Cat Tree & Cat Bed

By Catry

Catry offers a scratching post and cat bed in one piece. It’s designed to mimic a sunflower and the stem acts as the scratching post—the stem is wrapped in sisal. It also includes a hanging bee, to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts.

2. Luckitty,
Small Cat Scratching Post,
Kitty Coconut Tree

By Luckitty

Luckitty presents a Small Cat Scratching Post, Hammock and Perch that’s designed to look like a tropical scene. The scratching post—which mimics coconut trees—are wrapped with jute rope and soft, natural material that is safe for everyone in your home.

1. PAWZ Road,
Cactus Scratching Post 

By PAWZ Road

PAWZ Road Store offers a design of a Cactus Scratching Post, that includes 3 post and a ball on a string. This scratching post is covered with sisal and the top and base are upholstered with carpet, to give it the look and feel of a cactus. The post are different heights and it’s designed to be easily assembled.

In conclusion, scratching post don’t have to be boring. The above list is just a few examples of how cool designs for scratching post can be. If you’re looking for a scratching post that’s visually interesting, this list can help get you started on your search. Thanks for reading “5 Quality Unique Cat Scratching Post”.