Cats are creatures that need their own space for comfort and rejuvenation. Typically, within this space, there should be a nesting place that can allow your cat to rest, perch, scratch and play—a bed of sorts. An ideal choice to fill this need are Wicker Cat Beds.

Wicker Cat Beds are usually hand made wicker baskets/beds, that are sometimes designed to sit on a pillar, hang from a metal holding rod or made to be a basic bed that is not elevated. Wicker Cat Beds are not only designed for your cat’s comfort, but to also compliment your home decor.

If Wicker Cat Beds sound like a good option that can help add to your kitty’s comfort, the below list of “5 Quality Wicker Cat Beds” are provided to give you an idea of what your cat could be experiencing.

5. YoSpot,
Hand Made
Cat Bed Basket

By YoSpot

YoSpot offers a Hand Made, Wicker Cat Bed Basket that Swings. This pet house nest is designed for any sized cat and a small dog. The hanging hook is a metal structure, that is durable and stable. It also comes with padding, that is machine washable.

4. PawHut,
28″ Hooded Rattan, 
Wicker, Round, Elevated,
Condo Cat Bed

By PawHut

PawHut offers a 28″, Hooded Rattan, Wicker Bed/Pod. It has an elegant design, that is hand-woven and includes a cushion that is designed for comfort and can be machine washed. The pod is detachable, as well as elevated, so as to give your cat a secluded space from which to survey. The cylindrical base is stable and made for durability, helping to support cats under 10 lbs. It’s an ideal place for your cat to rest, play and perch.

3. Fhasso,
Luxury Bamboo
Cat Bed

By Fhasso

Fhasso offers a Luxury Bamboo Cat Bed that is an Eco-Friendly and Naturally Handmade Cat Cave Bed with a Washable Velvet Cushion. It’s designed to be an enclosed premium quality pet bed, that is durable and has a modern, decorative design. It’s made to be safe for your pet, people and the environment.

2. PawHut,
20″ Naturally Braided, 
Banana Leaf,
Elevated Cat Bed Basket

By PawHut

PawHut offers an Elevated, 20″, Naturally Braided, Banana Leaf Cat Bed Basket with a Cushion. It has a modern design, that is made to fit  contemporary decor. The pod is detachable from the base, adding flexibility and variety to your cats lounging experience. It’s made from natural materials and designed to be secure and stable. The cushion is made to be comfortable, removable and can be washed by machine.

1. PetPals,
Hand Made
Paper Rope
Round Bed

By PetPals

PetPals offers a Hand Made, Round Pet Bed, that is created from paper rope. It’s designed with a pillow seated inside, so that your pet can have a comfortable and cool place to rest. It’s designed to fit a pet of up to 25 lbs., it’s durable and no assembly is required.

In conclusion, Woven Cat Hammocks are a unique way to add to your cats comfort, while also tastefully blending in with the interior decoration. They come in many different designs, colors and they’re easy to assemble. So, if it seems like a Woven Cat Hammock is something your cat will appreciate, the above list is a nice place to start searching for one that will suit your cat and complement your home. Thanks for reading “5 Quality Wicker Cat Beds”.