With so many litter boxes on the market, that have bells and whistles to attract your hard earned money, you may come to the conclusion that you just want something basic and affordable. 

Another reason you may want a simple litter box, is because your cat may not like her new and fancy litter box. If the sides are too high, the hood makes her feel too enclosed or some other unnatural quality turns her off, she may just want to get back to basics. It happens.

If this is the case and you’re looking to bypass the elaborate litter box upgrades, below is a list of “7 Quality Basic litter boxes” for you to consider. 

7. Kichwit,
Stainless Steel
Litter Box

for Cats & Rabbits

By Kichwit

Kichwit offers a stainless steel option for a cat litter box. It’s made to be resistant to rust and highly durable. It’s non-stick, easy to wash design, does not retain odors and the rounded edges makes for comfortable handling.

6. PetFusion,
Better Box,
Cat Litter Box

By PetFusion

Petfusion offers a curved design that is made to look inviting. It has a non-stick coating, that helps to stop litter from sticking. It has high sides and also has a low entrance, to make getting in and out easy.

5. Fresh Step,
Recycled Plastic
Litter Box

By Fresh Step

Fresh Step has designed a litter box from recycled plastic, so as to be more environmentally friendly. It’s small, portable, and has low sides for easy entry and exiting. Ideal for multi-cat homes, that require a basic pan, that can be easily tucked away.

4. Petmate,
Open Cat Litter Box

By Petmate

Petmate offers a lightweight, yet sturdy plastic litter tray, that has low sides for easily moving in and out. It’s designed to be easily moved around and easy to clean. This tray is made for basic litter box usage, especially with multiple cats.

3. Van Ness,
Small Litter Pan,
Assorted Colors

By Van Ness

This is a basic litter pan with low sides for easy entry and exiting. It’s designed to be resistant to stains and odors. It’s highly polished and is easy to keep clean.

2. Van Ness,
Large Cat Litter Pan
With High Sides

By Van Ness

This basic litter box is high sided to reduce the mess of cats that frequently use the litter box. It comes in assorted colors, has a high polish—which makes it easy to clean—and it is suited for cats that like to dig.

1. Arm & Hammer,
Large Sifting Litter Pan

By Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer has developed a sifting litter pan, so as to provide a more efficient way of cleaning your cat’s litter. It comes with 2 pans and 1 sifter. This is so that you can sift litter from one pan to the other, eliminating the need for a scoop. It also has anti-microbial protection, to help prevent odors and stains.

In conclusion, going back to basics is always ideal, whenever your cat is resistant to her upgraded, fancy litter box. If she starts to urinate everywhere but in her litter box, then she’s probably silently protesting. A basic litter box with low sides, may suit her just fine. In that regard, the above list can help you find something that’s appropriate for your cat. Thanks for reading “7 Quality Basic litter boxes”.