If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your kitty or to deter her from attacking birds in your garden, one option to consider is a cat collar bell. 

Small bells that attach to your cat’s collar, can help to save the local bird population, by alerting them to a predator—which can possibly be your cat. 

Bells can also help you keep tabs on your cat, by sounding a clearly pleasant jingle, every time they move. 

If you think that a cat collar bell is an appropriate solution for your situation, below is a list of “5 Quality Cat Collar Bells” for you to consider.

5. Outus,
24 Sets of Cat Bells
for Cats

By Outus

Outus provides 24 sets of cat bells for collars, with each set consisting of 1 metal ring and 1 bell. These chrome plated bells are smooth, yet made to be durable and are resistant to corrosion. The sound is clearly pleasant and the size is 1.4 cm/0.55 in. while weighing 1.5 grams. Good for tracking and alerting other wild life to your cat’s presence.

4. Barleygoo, 
Cat Collar Bells,
30 Pack

By Barleygoo

This 30 pack of cat bells, contains assorted colors of bells and charms. They don’t have any welding or solder in the final product and the stainless steel construction helps to produce a maximum volume. Key rings and 360 degree clips, are used as a way to secure the bells.

3. SuperBuddy,
Breakaway Cat Collar
with Bell

By SuperBuddy

These breakaway cat collars are designed to be durable, yet lightweight and they’re offered in packs of 4. The designs are pineapple, cherry, watermelon and avocado. Small bells and charms are also attached to the collar, which help with keeping track of your cat.

2. Beau’s Bells,
Extra Loud Cat
& Dog Bells

By Beau’s Bells

Beau’s Bells offers 2 bells, that has a copper top, with a white copper bottom and steel clappers that are designed to ring in a loud, clear and pleasant fashion. The sound can be heard from 50 yards, yet is designed to be safe and gentle to your pet’s ears. It’s ideal for helping to save birds and other wild life. It’s also good for tracking your cat.

1. Bemix Pets,
Reflective Cat Collar

with Bell

By Bemix Pets

This set of bells and collars come in six assorted colors. The plastic clasp is the face of a cat. The collars are nylon, reflective and designed to breakaway, when a certain level of tension is reached. Small bells come with the collars and when combined with reflective colors, they’re great for tracking.

In conclusion, cat collar bells make a great alert system for birds that are trying to escape your cat’s predatory routines. They also help to track your cat, without having to invest in expensive technology. Cat collar bells are affordable, easy to put on and can be quite stylish. The above list is a small example of what’s available, but it’s a good place to start. Thanks for reading “5 Quality Cat Collar Bells”.