As a cat owner, it’s important to make sure you give your cat a proper diet; However, the way you feed your cat can be just as important. For optimal health, it’s a good habit to feed your cat proper portions on a schedule. This can help prevent obesity, digestive problems and it can also help to monitor your cat’s diet, while making it easy to make any necessary changes.

One good way to put your cat on a scheduled diet, is to use a quality automatic food dispenser. It gives you control over the portions, timing and frequency of your cat’s meals. However, as you might imagine, there are several dispensers on the market with different features. Finding the one that suits your needs could be challenging.

In the hopes of making your search easier, below is an at-a-glance list of quality cat food dispensers, that can point you in the direction of a feeder that will best serve you and your cat’s needs.

7. Automatic Pet Feeder
By Arf Pets

This feeder is a great way to make sure your cat gets fed on schedule even when you aren’t there to do it. It dispenses dry food and has portion settings of 24ml. However, you can increase the portion your cat receives by multiplying it by up to 10. With this dispenser, your cat can eat up to 4 separate times per day, using easy to set alarms for food distribution. It is equipped with an LCD clock and display, which makes it easy for you to change any of the settings to meet your cat’s specific needs. It comes with a power cord, but it can also be powered using D batteries (3). This is great for any small animal. It is an easy and convenient way to keep your cat fed and content throughout the day.

6. 7L Pet Feeder

This feeder provides easy meal management for your cat while you are away from home as well. It can be powered by an electric cord or size D batteries. It has a capacity of 7 liters of dry food and can be programmed for 4 feedings each day with individualized portion sizes.

5. 3L Pet Food Dispenser
By Iseebiz

This feeder is also automatic and includes a sensor that detects when the bowl is full. This application prevents the mess of overflow. It provides settings that allows you to choose how much food is given and at what times. Your cat can even be notified of mealtime with your voice! The voice-record feature allows you to record a 10 second message to be played at the times you choose. With this product, you not only ensure that your cat is fed while you are gone, but you can simulate your presence as well.

4. Gourmet Combo
By Bergan

This combo is a great way to keep your cat refreshed. The bundle comes with a 1.5 gallon water dispenser and a 6 pound dry feeder. Both containers are equipped with lids for easy cleaning and spill prevention. This combination provides a constant distribution of food and water as the bowl is emptied. Each dispenser is made with a sturdy base that is made to balance the weight of the filled containers. This bundle is made for convenience with you and your cat in mind.

3. Healthy Pet Feeder
By Pet Safe

The Healthy Pet Feeder makes it easy to arrange your cat’s feeding schedule. There are several easy to use settings. You can choose the portion size, amount of meals per day, and the speed of each meal’s disbursement. You know your cat and what they need when it comes to meal time. If your cat is prone to eating too fast, you can choose to have their food released slower than the average setting. This product is fit for dry food as well as most semi-moist pet foods. The bowl is easily detachable and is dishwasher friendly. The Healthy Pet Feeder is perfect for cats who are on a strict meal routine. It’s a great way to manage your cat’s intake and even watch their weight.

2. Café Feeder
By Petmate 

The Pet Café Feeder may not have the settings and adjustment options as some of the others, but it does make feeding your furry friend convenient. You can choose from three different sizes, depending on your cat’s needs. The Pet Café Feeder can hold between 2 and 12 gallons. It does not require a power source as it works on the pull of gravity. You simply fill the container with dry food and it will disburse as the bowl empties to make room for more. It is easy and hassle free.

1. Healthy Pet Water Station
By PetSafe

Much like the Healthy Pet feeder, this water station is built to meet your cat’s needs. It gradually dispenses water as the bowl makes room. This water station is among the first to come with a detachable bowl for easy clean-up. When combined with the Healthy Pet feeder, this water station looks great in any home. There is also an option to separately purchase a compatible filter to ensure safe and clean water for your precious pet.

In conclusion, scheduled feedings are a good idea if you want to have better control over your pet’s diet. It helps to support good digestive health and makes it simple to make mealtime changes. However, feeding your cat on a schedule, doesn’t have to be a big effort. Automatic food dispensers can help pet owners make meal scheduling simple. The above list of quality food dispensers, present a variety of options that can help you choose a product that best serves your scheduling needs. At the very least, it can narrow down your search or you may just find exactly what you need.  No matter what, good luck in your search and thank you for reading.