Because being a domesticated, indoor kitty can get a little stale from time to time—as a cat owner—you may want to do what you can to help bring a little more excitement in your cat’s life. One way to do this is to start taking her for walks outdoors. The outside stimulus can help to bring some joy to your cat’s life and provide a lot of health benefits.

If you are interested in training your cat to go on walks with you, then you’ll need a good quality leash. However, with so many choices available on the market, it’s hard to know which leash is an appropriate choice for your cat. In that regard, below is a list of “7 Quality Cat leashes”, that can help you on your search to find the right leash.

7. Doyoo,
2 Pack Leash
for Cats & Dogs

By Doyoo

This leash set comes with 2 nylon leashes and a collapsable bowl. The available leash colors are black, blue, green, pink and the collapsible bowl is blue. The leashes are designed to be durable, yet lightweight so that it can be used to walk small animals—like a cat. The length is 59” and it has a 360 degree swivel clip to help prevent tangles.

6. Petescort,
Dog Cat Leash

By Petescort

Petescort provides a long 30 foot, lightweight leash, that’s designed to be held comfortably. The stitching has been reinforced for durability and it comes in black, blue and purple. It also has a swivel clip to prevent tangles. Ideal for training or camping.

5. Rabbitgoo,
Cat Leashes
2 Pack

By Rabbitgoo

This is a 2 pack set of 59” long, lightweight, nylon leashes. It’s basic yet, designed to be durable and ideally made to walk small pets. It’s made with a 360 degree swivel clip, that rotates for ease of movement with less of chance of it getting tangled. It’s made for comfort, safety and can be attached to a harness or collar. It’s available in black, blue and teal.

4. Alicedreamsky,
Retractable Pet leash

By Alicedreamsky

This retractable leash is available in several different colors. It’s offered in two different lengths—10ft and 16ft. The handle is especially designed for a comfortable grip, that is less likely to slip. The clip on the leash, has a 360 degree swivel device, that is designed to prevent tangles. The retracting device has a fast locking, pause and unlocking button, that can be easily used. This leash is designed to be durable, safe and easy to use.

3. PetSafe,
Nylon Dog Leash

By PetSafe

This nylon leash by PetSafe comes in various colors: apple green, black, purple, pink, red, royal blue and green. There are several sizes to choose from and it’s made with an easy on/off hook that’s designed to latch on to a harness or collar.

2. Rabbitgoo,
Cat Harness & Leash
for Walking

By Rabbitgoo

Rabbitgoo offers a Nylon Harness and a Leash that is designed to fit the average cat. Made to be comfortable, it’s ideal for walking, training and many outdoor activities. It’s available in black, emerald, grey, light blue, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow. The harness is also designed to be escape proof, with adjustable straps that can conform to your cat’s size.

1. Tug,
Retractable Leash

By Tug

Tug has designed there retractable leash to be “tangle-free”. It’s made to be sturdy and it has an anti-slip handle, that’s made for a comfortable grip. It’s available in black, blue, green, grey, red, white, white/orange. The actual leash is nylon, 16 ft. and is designed to swivel at 360 degrees, so that it is less likely to tangle.

In conclusion, taking your cat on a walk is a good way to provide exercise, fresh air and different experiences. To do that, you’re going to need a safe and durable leash. Hopefully, the above list has helped you in your search to find a proper leash in which you can use to walk your cat. Thanks for reading “7 Quality Cat leashes”.