Cat’s are adorable furry companions that bring a lot of joy into peoples lives; However, when they’re doing not so cute things like scratching expensive furniture, you may find yourself slightly irritated, as your favorite love seat is slowly being destroyed. 

If your cat is wreaking havoc on your furnishings, you may want to look into a preventive solution before it’s too late. A common solution is double-sided tape. Cat’s do not like sticky surfaces and if they find themselves walking on double stick tape, they’ll typically be deterred from moving passed that barrier.

There are a number Anti-Scratch Deterrent Tape solutions available on the market. Some come in sheets, others come in rolls. The appropriate product, really depends on your needs. That being said, below is a list of “7 Quality Cat Training Tape Products”, that can help you in the fight to protect your furniture.

7. XFasten,
Cat Training Tape

By XFasten

XFasten provides a 2.5 inch x 15 yard roll of cat anti-scratch training tape. This cat scratch deterrent is residue-free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, so as to not harm anyone while you’re using it to train your cat. It’s designed to be gentle with your cat, but also made transparent, so it can blend in with your furniture.

6. The Good Stuff,
Cat Scratch Tape
Furniture Protectors

By The Good Stuff

“The Good Stuff” anti-scratch, deterrent tape, is designed to be ideal for leather and fabric couches. It’s offered as a 3 inch x 30 yard roll, that is double sided and transparent. It’s non-toxic, residue free and has no odor. It’s created to be used on walls, doors and furnishings; it’s easy to use and ideal for cat’s or kittens.

5. Sofisti-Cat,
Scratch Deterrent Tape
(5 Pack)

By Sofisti-Cat

Sofista-Cat has come up with a transparent, double-sided, anti-scratch tape, that is designed to easily and safely train your cat to not scratch unwanted areas in the home. Since cats don’t like sticky things, placing this in or around the no-scratch zone, will help to repel your cat. This pack comes with five 12” x 17” Sheets, which are created to effectively cover your furniture. It’s good for drapes, armchairs and couches. However, this tape is not designed to be used on faux leather.

4. Polarduck,
Anti-Cat Scratch
Training Tape

By Polarduck

Instead of sheets, this particular cat repellent comes in a roll. Polarduck, Anti-Scratch, Cat Training Tape is 3 inches x 30 yards, transparent and non-toxic. It has multiple uses and can be applied to many different surfaces.

3. One Sight,
Cat Scratch
Training Deterrent

By One Sight

One Sight offers a 4 inch x 30 yard roll of Cat Scratch Training Deterrent Tape. Made as a much wider roll than typical offerings, this Double-sided tape can cover more of the area you wish to guard against your cat. It can be used on doors, carpets, rugs, sofas, curtains, chairs and couches. It’s transparent, so it can effortlessly blend in with your furnishing. The adhesive is medical grade, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so as to be safe for everyone in the household.

2. Panther Armor,
10 Pack
Cat Scratch
Deterrent Tape

By Panther Armor

Panther Armor offers a 10 pack of clear, double-sided, anti-scratch tape. Panther Armor is an established brand that offers a variety of furniture protection products. They’ve designed their tape to be customizable to doors, carpet, chairs, sofa corners and upholstered couches. It’s non-toxic and difficult to scratch through.

1. SmartyKat,
Scratch Not Tape

By SmartyKat

Smart cat offers an 18ft. x 2in. roll, that is designed to guard furnishings in a gentle, safe and effective manner. Made to be easily applied and removed, this tape works best, when an alternative scratching object is near.

In conclusion, having a cat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your furniture, whenever your cat feels the need to scratch. There are several Anti-Scratch, Training Tape products available to help you protect your furniture. In that regard, the above list is a good place to start, when searching for an appropriate scratching deterrent for your cat. Thanks for reading “7 Quality Cat Training Tape Products”.