If you’re a cat owner, but your schedule keeps you on the go, you might find it challenging to keep your kitty’s bowl filled with water. Although cats don’t require a lot of water, keeping your cat hydrated, is a responsibility that can’t be neglected. If your cat becomes dehydrated, they may develop health issues that may not be detected, until a problem arises. So, to prevent this, it’s ideal to keep fresh water available for your kitty, whether or not you’re available.

A way to keep fresh water in your cat’s bowl—especially when you’re not around—is to use an automatic water dispenser. Automatic water dispensers are designed to keep a fresh supply of water in your cat’s bowl, by dispensing it when low levels are detected. There are also pet water fountains, that use low power consumption to operate. Also, water fountains are designed to help entice cats to drink more water.

In fact, water dispensers are available in a variety of different designs, so it may be a bit challenging to find one that is perfectly suited to your needs. In the hope of helping you find a design, that offers the best solution, below is a quick-at-glance list of “7 Quality Pet Water Dispensers”, for your review.

7. Flower Water Dispenser
Pet Fountain
By Mospro

MOSPRO presents an Automatic Pet Fountain, Water Dispenser, that is hygienic, healthy and it quietly dispenses water from an artificial flower, into a bowl. It comes with two filters and the 2 L water storage capacity, can last your pet for up to a month. This pet fountain is food grade certified and is designed to be easy to clean. It has 3 water dispense settings and has a low power consumption of 2W—so as to be easy on your electric bill.

6. Pet Cafe
Pet Waterer
By Petmate

The Pet Cafe, Pet Waterer, slowly releases water over a period of time, to conserve your supply. It can store up to 3/4 gallons and it is designed to be used by small and medium sized pets. Handles are designed into the base, for easy maneuvering and the wide mouth bottle, is simple to detach from the base for cleaning.

5. Pet Water Station
By PetSafe

The PetSafe, Pet Water Station, uses gravity to dispense water into a stainless steel bowl. The stainless steel bowl, helps to keep your pet’s water hygienic. The water storage silo, is made from a strong plastic, that locks into the base, to guard against spills. It also comes in 3 size capacities—64 oz., 128 oz. and 320 oz. It is designed for easy cleaning and is dishwasher friendly.

4. The Drinkwell
Multi-Tier Fountain
By PetSafe

The Drinkwell, Two-Tier, Automatic Pet Water Fountain, holds a capacity of 100 oz., for pets of all sizes. The design allows a stream of water, to cascade downward from a top bowl, to a bottom bowl. Each tier acts as a reservoir, from which your pet can drink. A replaceable, carbon water filter, helps to maintain the water’s freshness, by eliminating odors and bad tastes. The Drinkwell is designed to be quiet and to be conservative with energy.

3. Self-Dispensing
Pet Waterer
By AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics has designed a Self-Dispensing, Pet Feeder and Waterer, that uses gravity to make sure that there is a reliable supply of water in your pet’s bowl—no electricity needed. It’s able to store 1 gallon of water in a clear, Extra-Wide-Mouth, plastic bottle. The base is made from a strong, polypropylene resin and it’s made to easily be hand washed. It also comes with a one year warranty.

2. 2.5 Liter Pet Fountain
With Mat
By Veken

The Veken, Automatic Pet Fountain, is a water dispenser with a silicone mat, that comes with 3 replacement filters. It is designed to run quietly and use low amounts of electricity; helping it to last for 2.5 to 4 years. It has the capacity to store 2.5 L/84 OZ. of water and it’s system circulates water, so as to provide hygienic, healthy water for small and medium sized pets. It’s made of a durable PP resin, it’s easy to clean and the fountain has 3 flow settings.

1. Replendish
Gravity Waterer
By Petmate

Petmate’s Replendish, Pet Water Dispenser, uses gravity to release water over time, in order to conserve your supply. The Replendish automatically refills and it can store up to 4 gallons of water. It also uses a protective, antimicrobial microban, that guards against bacteria and stains on the base, which potentially causes odors. 

In conclusion, keeping fresh water in your kitty’s dish is important, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. There are plenty of automatic water dispensers, that are designed to help you set-it and forget-it. You can go on with your day and not have to worry, about whether or not you left water in the cat bowl. Although the above list is not a showing of everything that’s available on the market, it can get you started on your search to find a dispenser, that best suits your needs. Thanks for reading.