Not all cats have a strong digestive system. Some have a sensitive stomach, allergies or skin problems that may cause them to stop eating certain products. If your kitty has digestive issues, a healthy grain-free diet may be a good alternative for your cat’s diet. However, grain-free cat foods come in different brands, flavors, formulations and size options. Searching for the right choice can be quite overwhelming. In the effort to get you pointed in the right direction, this article provides a brief list of some quality grain free cat food, that may aid in your search to provide for your cat’s dietary needs.

7. Natural Balance
Dry Cat Food
(Green Pea & Chicken)

Natural Balance simplifies the amount of ingredients it uses to reduce the chances of food sensitive reactions. The source of protein is limited to one and carbohydrates are simplified as well. It’s grain free and made with high quality chicken to help support a shiny coat and healthy skin.

6. Whole Earth Farms
Dry, Grain Free Recipe
If you are looking for a product that offers a well-balanced diet to your pet at an affordable rate, Whole Earth Farms Naturally Complete is perfect for you. It is completely grain free and its ingredients are all natural. The pellets are really easy for cats to chew as they are of the right size. It promotes good stink-free bowel movements unlike low quality brands, and reduces fur shedding. The product comes with an easy to understand feeding chart. 

Grain Free, High Protein
Dry Cat Food
Crave is a grain free, high protein meal designed to cater to your cat’s instinctive dietary needs. The ingredients are all natural and is made with sensitive digestive tracts in mind. It uses real chicken and salmon to give your adult indoor cat the nutrients it needs to support a healthy immune system and build muscles.

4. Taste of The Wild
Grain Free,
Premium High Protein,

Dry Cat Food
Taste of the Wild is a perfect blend of roasted venison, vegetables, fruits and smoked salmon to produce a rich smoked flavor that cats love. It is grain free and contains the optimal amount of amino acids and natural antioxidants for lean strong muscles and  an efficient immune system. It contains the proper amount of omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid.

3. Wellness Core
Grain Free, Dry Cat Food
(Original Turkey & Chicken)
Wellness CORE Indoor Turkey & Chicken Recipe is a protein-based dry cat food which is 100% natural, gluten and grain free for adult cats. It is a perfect blend of turkey, chicken and cranberries, with reduced fats for the best health benefits. It also offers a high concentration of vitamins, phosphorus, calcium and minerals.

2. Purina Beyond
Grain Free,
Dry Cat Food
Purina Beyond Natural is a popular cat food product among pet owners. It offers a nutritious grain free meal for pets with allergies at an affordable price. It is a healthy choice for picky cats, and helps support glossy fur. Real ocean whitefish is the main ingredient and it’s made without corn, wheat or soy.

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness
High Protein, Grain Free
Blue Buffalo Wilderness is protein-rich, well-balanced diet which is suitable for adult cats. It is gluten and grain free with added ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables to provide all the essential vitamins and minerals your feline need with no added supplements. The product promises no chicken or poultry by-products.

In conclusion, this is by no means an exhaustive list of what’s on offer in the grain free, cat food market, but it’s definitely a start. What’s important is that your cat benefits from the dietary product you finally choose to get them. I hope this list helps and thank you for reading.