If you’re a cat owner, then you’ve probably seen your cat sitting in the sun light that shines down on the floor from the window. Maybe you caught your cat jumping onto the couch—after you get up—to sit on the warm space you’ve left behind. Cat’s seem to have a knack for finding warm spaces on which to sit. Like most people, cat’s want a special place to relax and if it’s warm, all the better. Enter the Heated Cat Bed. It’s another way to provide your cat with a place to relax. The advantage of a heated bed is that you can place it where you want your cat to rest and it provides the warmth that is so attractive to most felines. Heated beds come in all shapes and sizes, so in order to help you find one that suits your kitty’s needs, below is a brief list of quality heated cat beds. 

7. Pet Heating Pad
for Cats/Dogs
By Homello

The Homello is an Indoor Pet Heating Pad, that warms in ten minutes. Because it has an adjustable temperature of up to 104℉, it’s capable of suiting your pet’s comfort needs. However, in case of overheating, this pad has a power off, temperature control. The cord is wrapped with a metal layer, to shield from biting damage and the pad is backed by a one year warranty.

6. Thermal Cat Mat,
By Milliard

The Milliard, Thermal Heated Cat Mat uses self-heating technology. When your pet sits on the mat, the thermal core picks up it’s body temperature, to conform and make the mat a warm, snug space, without using electricity. It’s a safe and economical product. Yet, it makes use of premium materials, to guarantee durability and comfortability. Maintenance for this mat is also minimal, because of how safe and easy it is to use in the washing machine.

5. Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed
By K&H Pet Products

The Thermo-Kitty, Electric Heating Pad, can adapt to your pet’s body heat, to create a cushy and comfy bed. It also features a soft and fluffy surface, made of orthopedic foam, attached to insulated walls, giving high quality comfort. The product is proven to be safe by MET Labs. The bed operates at as low as 4 watts, which is certified electric safe, according to the USA/CA electrical safety standards. Also, it comes with a warranty of one year.

4. Self-Heated Bed
for Cats

By Pet Magasin

The bundle comes with one large and one small mat. Both operate with no use of electricity. When any pet lyes down, these mats trap heat from the animal’s body and spreads it out to give them a cozy and snuggly place to rest. The beds feature a surface stuffed with hypoallergenic foam for an ideal thickness and softness. The top is a velvet cover, for extra comfort. Also, the bottom is slip-resistant—thanks to the rubberized material—ensuring the mat’s steadiness on the floor. Produced and backed by Pet Magasin, every heated cat bed is sold with a 2-year warranty and a full refund policy.

3. Thermo-Kitty Mat
By K&H Pet Products

This heated bed uses a thermal core to capture and cast your pet’s body temperature, providing an ideal cozy resting spot. Running at 6 watts, the bed is qualified to be safe for indoor use—proven by MET Labs. To clean, just remove the heater inside and wash the mat regularly. It comes with a limited warranty of one-year.

2. Pet Bed Warmer
By K&H Pet Products

This Pet Bed Warmer is made to heat any pet bed in the house. When placed inside a mat, the warmer keeps your pet’s nest warm at 10-15 degrees higher than the usual room condition. When a pet settles in, the pad will increase the temperature up to 102 degrees. It’s ideal for use in the house in any season. Also, the Pet Bed Warmer, comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

1. Thermo-Kitty,
Heated Cat Bed
By K&H, Pet Products

This Heated Cat Bed, features soft foam walls for your cat’s comfort. An electric cat bed, it’s thermostatically controlled to automatically respond to temperature changes, only when your pet is in the bed. It has low wattage—using only 4 watts—and a removable cover for wash and care. This heated cat bed, has been tested & certified by met Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards; it also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

In conclusion, if you’re the kind of cat owner that loves to pamper your pet, you may want to look into heated beds. Heated beds are designed to provide your cat with the heated comfort most cats crave. You can place it almost anywhere in you’re home and watch your cat bask in the warmth it provides. With that said, the above list of quality heated cat beds, was created in the hopes of making the search for your cat’s comfort easier. Thanks for reading.