Although cats can be a joy to have around, they also have a knack for getting into mischief, especially when you’re away from the home. As a result, there maybe a lot of unexplained accidents that occur. In order to get to the bottom of mysterious spills and breakages, you may need to get a second eye to monitor your pet while your away. One option to consider is a WIFI pet camera.

Most WIFI pet monitors have the ability to view the entire room—in complete darkness—from a remote location. This gives you the ability to record your cat’s behavior when you’re not at home. Even if your kitty is acting on it’s best behavior, a pet camera is a good way to capture cute moments, when he/she thinks they’re not being watched.

However, because there’s so many cameras on the market, the task of finding a quality camera can be challenging. In the hope of making your search a little easier, below is a brief at-a-glance look at 7 Quality pet cameras.

7. Netvue Pet Camera
By Netvue

The Netvue, WIFI Pet Camera has an artificial intelligence technology, that is capable of avoiding accidental motion triggering by leaves, wind or other negligible movements—“false positives”. Based on the sensitivity level that you set, it will send you an alert notification of movement that’s of concern. It’s a 1080P, high resolution camera, that can be panned, tilted or zoomed so as to view 360 degrees of room coverage. It has an app that’s designed to monitor different views of the room, while giving you the ability to share your videos with other people. For cloud storage, Netvue uses AWS(Amazon Web Service). This provides up to 30 days of cloud storage. You can also use a MicroSD card to record 128GB of video without the motion and sound detection feature engaged—card not included. It also has night vision, two-way audio and is compatible with Alexa and Echo Show.

6. Victure Pet Camera
By Victure

The Victure is a 1080P, Full HD, WIFI Pet and Security Camera. It has an advance encryption technology, that only allows you—nobody else, to access your video files from a private account; regardless of whether or not the SD card/camera is lost or stolen—the SD Card has up to 64GB of storage space. This camera has a night vision function, that can extend up to 30 feet in pitch dark. It also has a motion detector that sounds an alarm—so as to help protect against home invasion. The Victure even has a two-way audio feature, that allows you to talk to your pet or family member—which in most cases are the same. You can also widely pan and tilt this camera from a remote location—in order to capture a full view of the room.

5. Amiccom Pet Camera

BOOCOSA presents Amiccom, a 2.4G Wireless, WiFi, 1080P, HD Pet Camera. This pet camera has 2-way audio and a built-in microphone/speaker, so that you can communicate with your pet from a remote location. Amiccom has an infrared night vision technology, that allows you to see from 9 to 48ft. in the dark. You’re able to save your videos to a 128G SD card and you can access several cameras through an app, from a single account. This pet camera also has a motion tracker and the ability to pan, giving you 360 degrees of room coverage, with a clear resolution of 1920 x 1080P.

4. Tenvis Security Camera
By Tenvis

Tenvis offers a wireless, 2.4Ghz, WIFI security camera that can be used for multi-purpose monitoring. It covers 360 degrees of the space being monitored and provides a sharp image consisting of a 1280 x 720 Mega Pixel Resolution. Tenvis has an infrared night vision function, with a range of up to 32 feet, so as to aid against home invasion. It has a 3 second alarmed motion detector, that allows you to capture 15 seconds of video. Tenvis also has a two-way audio feature, that can communicate with your pet or a person and you can store all recordings on a privacy protected SD card or smart phone.

3. YI Home Camera

The Yl is a home security surveillance camera with an optional 24/7 emergency response service—$4.99/month. It can coordinate with EMS, Police and fire agencies to ensure that any emergency situation is being quickly attended. It’s a camera that can be multipurposed to monitor pets, baby’s and your home. The Yl has an infrared night vision feature and a motion detector—with a baby crying feature—that sends notifications to your phone. You can store your activity alerts in a 7-day storage cloud, free of charge and without an SD card or subscription. Also, Yl has a mobile app that can securely access multiple cameras, by five different people, from a single account. It also has back-up storage capability of up to 32GB.

2. Wyze Cam Pan
By Wyze Lab

The Wyze Cam Pan has a tilt and zoom feature that allows you to see the whole room(360 Degrees) from a remote location via the Wyze App. It’s an indoor smart camera for monitoring the home, pets or children. It can be voice activated when used with Alexa or Google Assistant. It has an infrared feature that allows you to see 30 feet in complete darkness. It has motion sensors that allow you to track and record up to 12-seconds of movement on video. Then you can store it on a free cloud storage account for 14-days. It also works in combination with the Wyze app, to allow multiple users to access several cameras from one account.

1. Wyze Cam
By Wyze Lab

The Wyze Cam is a 1080P, Wireless, High Definition, Home Monitoring Camera that can be used with Alexa or Google Assistant, to voice activate it’s functions. It has live streaming capabilities, as well as a two-way audio feature—so that you can communicate with friends or your pet(s). It has motion detection, that when triggered, can record up to 12-seconds of video and store it in a free cloud storage account for 14-days. Notifications are sent out, as soon as motion is detected. You can also record video continuously to a SD card, without the motion detection feature—card not included.

In conclusion, whether your cat is mischievous or just prone to doing cute kitty things; a pet camera affords you the opportunity to monitor your pet’s behavior, when you’re away from home. With the proper technology, you can record and share these memorable moments while using an app from your phone or with voice commands for Alexa, Google Assistant, Echo Show, etc. The above list of 7 Quality Pet Cameras, is a small example of what the market has to offer and I hope that it helps you find a camera that is suitable to your situation. Thanks for reading.