Cats are very independent creatures and generally don’t need a lot of assistance with grooming. Any vet will tell you, that cats have natural ways to stay clean. However, because the cleaning of their teeth can be a little challenging, they can run the risk of gum disease, rotting teeth or chronic bad breath. This is why it is important to have a routine regimen designed for the care of your cat’s teeth and the first place to start is knowing what dental solutions to use.

Luckily, there are some products on the market that are designed to improve your cat’s dental hygiene. In the hopes of making your search easier, below is a quick at-a-glance list of quality dental care solutions that can potentially aid you with your cat’s dental health.

7. Dental Spray
& Water Additive
By Pro Pet Works

Pro Pet Work’s Dental Spray formula is designed to treat gum disease and bad breath in animals. It helps to fight tarter, plaque and contains all natural ingredients—does not contain toxins or alcohol. It can also work as a digestive aid. Try adding it to your pet’s water bowl, so that it has the best impact on your pet’s gums and breath.

6. Feline Dental Treats
By Emerald Pet

Feline Dental Treats have cleaning properties that work in your pet’s mouth, once they begin chewing them. Emerald Pet offers six different flavors and each recipe uses ingredients that will fight the build-up of plaque and tartar. They are grain, gluten, soy and dairy free for owners whose pets have sensitivities.



5. Pet Toothbrush
By H&H Pets

Made out of a high quality material, the bristles on these toothbrushes are calibrated to clean deeply, without scratching gums or causing discomfort. They’re also designed with a curve, so that the difficult spots to clean are easier to reach.

4. Oral Hygiene Chews
By Virbac

If you find that carving out time for regular brushing is getting too challenging, then Virbac has an alternative solution. Oral Hygiene Chews are treats that can simply be chewed. These treats are made from freeze-dried fish and they are sold in resealable bags, so that you can preserve them. The formula in these chews, improves the natural antiseptic properties that exist in the mouth of your pet and add cleaning power to control plaque and tartar build-up.


3. Premium Pet Dental Spray
By Pets Are Kids Too

This is another dental spray that may spark your interest and similar to the first one, it can double as a digestive aid when necessary. This spray doesn’t use any alcohol or toxins and it also avoids pesticides in its formula. It’s an ideal tool for controlling the build-up of plaque and tartar and the overall health of your pet’s oral hygiene.

2. Dental Care Solution
By Oxyfresh

Oxyfresh is a product that uses the patented Oxygene formula to eliminate bad breath in animals. It is a great solution for pet owners, because it is very easy to add to your pet’s water dish for a daily dose of dental care! The chemicals in this product are not dangerous for your pet to ingest and it is tasteless. So your pet is less likely to resist it when they drink the solution in their water. The formula has been proven to fight periodontal disease and support the health of gum tissue. This product comes highly recommended by some of the best veterinarians in the country.

1. Dental Care Cat Treats
By Greenies

This is an easy product to use for your pets, because they will see it as a special treat rather than a dental cleaning aid. These are delicious and all-natural treats, that are designed to clean and improve breath as your pet munches on them. These dental treats are packed full of vitamins, minerals, taurine and other healthy nutrients that your pet needs in their diet, but they are also made with a unique shape and texture that can clean off a lot of tartar which will in turn help improve the smell of their breath. It is a dental treat that is recommended by professional veterinarians.

In conclusion, it’s important to your pet’s oral health, to have a daily dental care routine, so that they can keep tartar and plaque at bay for as long as possible. You will find that it makes a difference, not only for their breath, but also in the fight against gum disease or harmful abnormalities. In that purpose, this list is a good start to searching for dental care solutions, that will have the greatest impact on your pet’s oral hygiene. Thanks for reading.