There are various reasons why a pet owner might need a pet flap door. You may own a cat that likes to periodically spend time out side or you may need to give your cat access to a room where the kitty litter tray is located. No matter the reason, selecting the right cat flap door is important if you want to own something durable and effective for both you and your pet.

However, finding a quality cat flap door can prove to be quite challenging. In the hope of trying to make your search a little easier, below is a quick-at-glance list of “7 Quality Pet Flap Doors” for you to browse. You just might find exactly what you’re looking for, and if not, you’ll at least be pointed in the right direction.

7. Microchip Door Flap
By SureFlap

SureFlap created a door flap for your pet that provides selective entry. By using microchip technology—on a collar or implanted—the flap/door will only open for your cat; Keeping all other stray animals out. The flap/door can learn 32 identities, it’s battery operated and can be installed in doors, windows or walls.

6. Grooming Cat Door
By Cathole 

This interior cat door has a cleaning/grooming brush in the frame of the doorway. It’s a removable brush and is “easy to install”. It’s designed to keep the kitty litter separate and away from everyone, helping to trap the smell in one area from behind a closed door. The shape is an archway made out of baltic birchwood and it can be painted to fit your intended color scheme.

5. The Kitty Pass
By The Kitty Pass

The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door is an opening made for cats of up to 20 lbs. It’s designed to be used with any standard interior door. The front is the shape of a cat head and the back is the shape of a cat tail. It’s a cute design with a semi-gloss white finish—no screws or nails are visible. Also, since the size is 7 1/2” x 6 1/2”, the opening is wide and sleek enough for an average size cat to pass through safely.

4. Two-Way Locking
By PetSafe

The pet safe interior locking door, has a 2-way slide lock feature to prevent access. It’s ideal for keeping the litterbox smell in one area. It’s made out of a hard, durable plastic. The frame is white, the flap is clear and it can accommodate a cat of up to 15 lbs.

3. Four-Way Locking
By Ideal Pet Products 

This Cat Flap Door is designed to be weatherproof. It has a 4-way lock and the material is made from a transparent, weather resistant Lexan that’s “unbreakable”. The size is a 6.25” square that can securely let any cat of up to 12 lb. pass through.

2. Tinted Cat Flap Door
By PetSafe

The PetSafe Plastic Pet Door, has a soft tinted flap that’s made from vinyl for simple and comfortable usage. The frame is made from a hard plastic that can last a long time. It’s designed with a snap-on closing panel to prevent usage and keep out the elements. Four sizes are available—small, medium, large and extra Large—and you’re able to paint the frame whatever color matches your decor.

1. Wall Entry Pet Door
By PetSafe

The PetSafe Pet Door is designed for wall entry and because of it’s telescoping tunnel, it’s versatile to fit any thickness. The door has two flaps that’s made to keep out the elements and maintain efficient energy—flaps are replaceable. It has a slide-in-closing panel so that you can close off access to unwanted entry and have an extra layer of insulation. The door is made to be installed in different types of walls and it’s available in 3 sizes—small, medium snd large.

As you can see, there are a few pet flap doors on the market that have different features that can be perfect for the right situation. It’s just a question of knowing what you need. If you’re not sure of what you need, hopefully the above list can give you a few ideas and at the same time, help narrow down your search. Thanks for reading.