As a pet owner, it’s important to try to anticipate the possibility that your pet might stray away from home. If this happens, a way to lessen the stress of this unfortunate occurrence, is to invest in a pet tracker. There are a good number of pet trackers that utilizes GPS technology to track the movement of your pet(s) and show their location within a given radius.

Some trackers have mapping applications that can measure the distance of your pet and track the history of their whereabouts; while other pet trackers monitor wellness and fitness. Because pet trackers come in various sizes, shapes and use different technology, finding one that fits your needs can be a bit complicated. However, below is a quick at-a-glance list that can help you narrow your choices down or point you in the right direction, so that your search is not so overwhelming.

5. Cat Tailer
The Cat Tailer uses bluetooth technology to send a signal from your phone to your pet’s tag so that you can estimate how far he is from you. Tailer does not use GPS Technology and does not measure distance; Rather, it’s good for locating your pet in confined spaces—like your backyard or neighborhood. No subscriptions are required and it has a battery life of 6 months.

4. Loca8tor Pet Finder
Weighing about 5 grams, The Loc8tor Pet Finder is small and light. It’s key feature is the directional locating capability. When looking for your pet, the sensor will let you know whether you’re hot or cold. It uses a credit card sized, handheld device, that leads you to within 2.5cm of your pet. Once in locate mode, it will capture the collar signal for a range of up to 400 feet.

3. Bartun GPS Cat Tracker
The Bartun GPS Cat Tracker allows you to set up a safety parameter, that if broken, will send a notification that your pet is out of bounds. It offers two network services with a monthly subscription, which needs to be set up with the included sim card. It uses a satellite GPS tracking system, to zero in on your pet via sms, app and internet. It’s light and durable and can retrace the history of your pet’s movements.

2. Eureka Technology,
The MarcoPolo doesn’t need a cellular/GPS network, it has a self-contained system that will locate your pet wherever it goes. It can track a maximum of 3 pets and can provide your pet’s distance in real time. The battery for the collar lasts six weeks and no subscriptions are required.

1. Whistle 3
The Whistle 3, GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor, has the ability to pin point the location of your pet nation wide—where AT&T service is provided. It also can send alert notifications(w/map) via app, phone or text, whenever your pet strays away from home. It’s waterproof and you can see the movements your kitty made in a 24 hours period.

In conclusion, pet trackers are a good way to stay one step ahead of your pet—especially the ones that like to roam and cross boundaries. In the event that your pet does go missing, you can have the peace of mind of knowing, that you can pin point their location or at the very least, be guided to their general whereabouts. The only hard part is finding a tracker that works best for you and your pet. However, the list above presents some quality options and can hopefully point you in a direction that best fits both you and your pet’s needs. Thanks for reading.