Taking care of your pet is a 24 hr. responsibility. Your pet’s needs don’t stop simply because you have to make a quick run to the store, spend the night away from home or even take a vacation. This is especially true when it comes to keeping up with your pet’s feeding routines. However, if you have a fully packed, fast-paced schedule, you may need a little assistance maintaining your pet’s regular meal times. One option to consider, is a WIFI Pet Feeder.

WIFI Pet Feeders allow you to feed your pet from a remote location using your smart phone via an APP. You can designate a feeding time and depending on the features of the model, you can select a specific portion size. Some WIFI Pet Feeders even have a built-in HD Camera, Microphone and Audio Capability; so as to communicate to your pet from a remote location.

However, because there are so many WIFI Pet Feeders—with bells & whistles—on the market, finding the right WIFI Pet Feeder can be challenging. In the hope of making your search a little easier, below is a quick-at-glance list of Quality WIFI Pet Feeders that you can explore; helping you to find the right feeder for you and your pet.

7. Dr. Feeder
Brown WIFI Pet Feeder
with Smart HD Camera
By Dr. Feeder

Dr. Feeder Presents a 4.5L Smart Feeder that has a built-in HD Video Camera with Audio Capability, This makes it possible for you to communicate with your pet whenever and wherever, to create videos and share cute moments. It’s designed to be controlled by your iPhone or iPad APP—Android cannot be used. With the press of a button, you can feed your pet manually or call to automatically begin feeding. It’s made for dry food use only and is ideal for small to medium pets.

6. Dogness
Silver WiFi Pet Feeder
with a Smart Camera
and a Large Hopper
By Dogness

This automatic pet feeder with WIFI Smart Camera capability is designed with a large hopper in which to place dry food. It has a sleek modern look with simple controls. This Smart Camera Feeder allows you to record your voice, then play it back at feeding times as the feeder dispenses the appropriate food portioning.

5. Wopet
6 Meal Smart Feeder
with Programmable Timer

Wopet has created a SmartFeeder that can serve your pet meals from any location, at anytime. It gives you a choice to feed your pet manually from your smart phone or to set a time for automatic feeding from a remote location. You can record a video and audio with it’s high definition camera and microphone, that allows you to view, speak and have fun with your pet. It comes with two food trays on which 1-39 portions can be dispensed. Just set your portion size and the feeder will serve it to your pet. This is ideal for reducing weight and promoting healthy eating habits.

Smart Cat Feeder
with Social Capabilities
and is compatible
with Alexa

The PetKit SmartFeeder is a uniquely shaped automatic feeder that will serve your cat food any place, anytime via your smartphone using an APP—it also works with ALEXA. You can also set the time for scheduled feedings—up to 10 times a day. The portion sizes are 5g and you can dispense from 1 to 20 portions. Just choose your settings and the feeder will always serve your pet, even if the WIFI is off. There is also a manual feeder button on the device, if you need to feed your pet manually. The large storage bucket, keeps dry food fresh throughout the day and holds up to 3.3lbs. of food. Also, the App allows you to be social, by talking with other app users.

3. Petnet
Wi-Fi Pet Feeder
Can Have Pet Food
By Petnet

The Petnet, WIFI Connected, SmartFeeder, can automatically feed cats or dogs up to 60lbs. via an app using a smartphone or Amazon Alexa. With the Petnet app, you can specialize daily meal portions, activate feeding time from your phone and you can even have pet food delivered. There is customer service available for as long as you use the product and it comes with a limited warranty for 1 year.

2. PetSafe
Blue Smart Pet Feeder
with Stainless Steel Bowl
By PetSafe

With the PetSafe Smart Feeder, you’re able to automate up to 12 scheduled feedings for your cat or dog. If you want to feed your pet on the fly—in between meal times—you can select the feed now option. You can serve from 1/8 cup to 4 cups, depending on your dietary goals for your pet. If your pet has issues with eating too fast, you can set the feeder to dispense food over a period of 15 minutes. It’s designed to have a battery back-up—optional, not included—and if the WIFI stops working, the feeder will still dispense scheduled feedings. The hopper, lid, stainless steel bowl and bowl holder, are all premium made and safe for the dishwasher. You can feed your pet anyplace and anytime via your smart device using the smart feed app. The app requires the iPhone, iPad,—iOS 9.0 or Later—or a compatible Android smartphone—6.0 or Later.

1. Petzi
Wi-Fi Pet Camera &
Treat Dispenser
By Petzi

The Petzi Treat Cam allows you to monitor your pet as well as dispense treats. With it’s WIFI PetCam, you can check in on your pet from any location, at anytime. It has a patented treat launcher, that can dispense your pet’s favorite treat while you’re saying hi from work. The Petzi Treat Cam has a 30Fps HD Camera that can give you up to 720p video, a 110-degree wide angle, it has a low-light IR video capture and an extended range audio. Although it is not recommended to use the Petzi Treat Cam with moist pet food, it can dispense dry treats that are smaller than a quarter.

In conclusion, the ability to feed your pet when you’re away from home is quite helpful if you’re the type of person who is always on the go. Add to that, the ability to communicate to your pet with a HD Camera and In/Out Audio capabilities, then your busy schedule becomes a little more manageable. A WIFI Pet Feeder has these capabilities and with the right settings, you can bring yourself closer to home, when your away from it. You can routinely feed your pet, give it the right portion size and give a few words of encouragement, all from your smart phone. If you think a WIFI Pet Feeder can help you, but you’re not sure of what feeder to get, the above list is a great place to start. Thanks for reading.