Claw maintenance is an important part of cat ownership. If allowed to grow, your cat’s claws can twist back into the pads, prompting painful physical health complications. Furthermore, unmaintained claws frequently get trapped in the carpet or different fibrous surfaces. In the event that your cat’s claws get caught in the carpet, the attempt to remove them, could prompt pulling and turning the paw – an unpleasant experience. However, with enough planning, training and the proper cat nail trimmer, keeping up with your cat’s claws can be a smooth procedure with numerous advantages for both you and your cat. Below is a list of “The Top 8 Cat Nail Trimmers, this will help you get a quick idea of some of the better trimmers on the market so you can pick the best tool for the job.

7. Resco Original Deluxe
The Resco Original Deluxe has a guillotine style cutting blade that makes short work of all nails. Cutting thick nails easily. It fits well in your hand and the cutting blade can be replaced without buying entirely new trimmers.

6. Pet Republique Mini
The Pet Republique Mini simply gets the job done at a low cost. It’s available in two sizes, it makes exact cuts and it’s easy to clean. In addition, 15% of the profits are donated to the American Animal Rescue Society.

5. Boshel BA-NC004
Whether you are left-handed or right-handed. the Boshel BA-NC004 is easy to use . The fantastically sharp, semi-curved cutting blade is sloped for fine visibility and direction, while trimming every last nail to help prevent any accidents. It’s made from the best stainless steel, solid, easy to store and is ideal for kittens.

4. Hertzko Professional
The Hertzko Professional is a worth while purchase and is suitable for taking the unpleasant edges off those newly cut nails. In case you’re not happy, there’s a money back guarantee, as well. Suggested by groomers and vets, the rubber grip limits fatigue.

3. Trim-Pet
The Trim-Pet Premium is for owners of various pets. While these strong clippers work well for cats and dogs, they can also be used with rabbits and other companions as well. It also has an anti-pinch protector to secure your hand while it’s being used.

2. OmegaPet Quick Sensor
The OmegaPet Quick Sensor has a good protective guard that guarantees that you never remove your pet’s nails. The ergonomic handles have a non-slip grasp and whether you have little or big hands, they are sufficiently long for convenience.  They require minimal force to cut, blades lock closed when not in use and it’s ideal for new pet owners.

1. GoPets Large
The GoPets Large will give you the assurance expected to trim your cat’s nail like a genuine expert. Their thick, 3.5 millimeter, steel blades are appropriate for use on the hardest nails and will remain sharp from year to year for smooth and reliable cuts. It ensures satisfaction, comes with a free nail file and has a hanging gap for easy storage.

In conclusion, these tools are great for trimming nails in a grooming session; Making everything more comfortable for your cat. The above mentioned are some the better cat nail trimmers on Amazon. With one or several, you can groom your pet like a pro. That being said, I sincerely hope that this list helps you find a pair of trimmers that both serve you and your kitty well.

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