It seems unnatural that as a cat owner you’ll ever need to use a cat cage. Felines are such independent creatures and need lots of room to stretch out and claim there own territory. However, there are  occasions when it may become necessary to use a cat cage. You may be having guest over and need to confine your cat to one area of an apartment. Maybe your kitty is having behavioral problems and you need to restrict his access to certain areas at certain times. Perhaps you may need to transfer your cat(s) from one space to another. Whatever the case may be, there are cat cages on the market that can help you satisfy your needs. However, finding the right cage, might not be so easy. Below, I put together an at-a-glance look at a few quality cat cages, in the hopes that it will make your search a little easier. 

9. YesHom, White Black Vein
The YesHom “White Black Vein” is a 3 level playpen made of strong metal wire and it’s designed for indoor or outdoor usage. It has wheels at the bottom to make moving easier and the base tray slides out so that you can effortlessly clean it. It includes ladders and benches so your kitty can have fun while he’s inside. It also comes with a hammock and pad to make lounging easy, comfortable and natural.

8. YML 2-Level
If you own a cat, you can benefit from the “YML 2-Level”. Your cat will have plenty of space to move around in. It has a ramp that leads to the second level. It comes with a tray that can be removed for cleaning. It’s designed to roll on four sturdy wheels made for your moving convenience and it has two large front doors. A quality choice for older cats.

7. Xtreme-Cage, Folding Crate
The Xtreme-Cage, Suitcase Style Folding Crate can quickly collapse for simple storage. The base slides out for easy cleaning and it comes with a fluffy fleece pad.

6. Yaheetech, 4-Tier Cage
The Yaheetech Cage has 4-Levels, three platforms to rest on and 3 ladders to use for climbing up and down. At the base, it has four wheels that lock for effortless moving or stabilizing.  It has two large cabinet sized doors—top and bottom—that fasten with latches. The plastic tray at the base, slides out for easy maintenance, and the cage is made to collapse for easy storage or travel.

5. Wild Whiskers, Feline Funhouse
If your cat loves to be outdoors, but needs boundaries, the Wild Whiskers Cat Funhouse may be the solution you’re looking for. It includes weight sacks and stakes, so that you can keep it set-up without other animals carrying it off.  It’s made out of weather resistant nylon and it’s ideal for camping trips. 

4. Iris, Wire Pet Cage/Playpen
The Iris Wire Pet Cage/Playpen provides a lot of vertical space, with two shelves where your kitty can rest. It’s suited for apartments, boarding homes, shelters or any place with limited room. The wheels make it easy to position and the wheel stoppers are designed to stabilize the cage once it’s in the place of your choosing. Fastening latches secure the base to the cage and make it easy to remove the tray for maintenance. Also, if you feel inclined, there’s enough room to place a litter box in.

3. Tomahawk Live Trap
If you’re trying to catch a stray cat compassionately, the Tomahawk Live Trap is a tool designed for such a task. The door has been made to easily open, for an effortless catch and release. The cage is made from strong 14-gauge steel wiring and the handles are designed to keep your hands away from the trapped animal.

2. Necoichi, Portable Cat Cage
The Necoichi Portable Cat Cage is a play pen for cats. It’s comfortable, portable and ideal for using on short trips. It has a mesh screen to keep the enclosure ventilated and visible. It has a detachable fleece mat, zipper locks for security and enough space to fit a litter box.

1. Prevue, Deluxe Cat Home
The Prevue, Deluxe Cat Home was designed so that your pet’s paws, don’t get caught in-between the wires of the cage. This gives your kitty the confidence to climb as much as he wants. It has two platforms that lock in place, a big hammock that can be positioned anywhere in the cage and two large cabinet doors for easy access.

In conclusion, cages may seem counter intuitive when it comes to cats, but, you’ll never know what situation might dictate the use of one. In case such an occasion arises, you’ll need to pick one that both you and your kitty can live with. With that thought in mind, I sincerely hope that the above list, makes your search for a quality cat cage easier. Thanks for reading.