Even if you have a laid back kitty, that likes to spend most of it’s time perched in the window, basking in the warmth of the sun; it’s still important to encourage your cat to be active. In order to stay in touch with their natural instincts and to keep from being bored; most cats routinely need to play, exercise and be stimulated mentally. Fortunately, they’re numerous ways to encourage your cat to play. One popular option, is to introduce a catnip toy into their routine playtime.

Catnip toys are typically filled with catnip, which can then be batted, kicked, carried or used as an object of comfort. Catnip toys come in all shapes, sizes and functions; sometimes they’re even sold with catnip. In fact, there are so many catnip toys available, it can be challenging to find a toy that best fits your kitty’s playtime habits. In the hope of making your search easier, below is a list of “9 Quality Catnip Toys”, that may interest you and satisfy your cat’s playtime needs.

9. Catnip Banana Toy
By Yeowww

The Yeowww Catnip Banana Cat Toy is made from a quality cotton and uses colors that are naturally soy based. It comes filled with 100% organically grown  American catnip. It’s designed to be durable, so that your cat can play with it for a long time.

8. Cat Toy Assortment
By Youngever

Youngever presents a collection of 7 cat toys, that are filled with catnip and can be refilled once their contents are used. The pack consist of 5 fish and 2 furry mice toys. Also, the toys come with an extra refill of catnip. They’re sized appropriately for batting, carrying and biting. The material they are made from is a non-toxic, plush fabric that is safe for your cat to use. 

7. My Cats Balls
By Yeowww

My Cats Balls are catnip filled balls that come 3 in a pack. The catnip is organically grown in the U.S.A. and the balls are designed for being batted, kicked and carried around by your kitty for instinctive playing.

6. Rainbow Catnip Toy
By Yeowww!

Yeowww presents a Rainbow Catnip Toy, that’s ideal for your cat to bat and carry around. It comes stuffed with organically grown Yeowww Catnip. The material is 100% natural cotton twill and it’s made in the U.S.A.

5. Catnip Chew Mice
By Petstages

Petstages catnip chew mice can massage gums and help to clean the teeth of your cat to promote good dental hygiene. The strong net that is woven around this toy is designed to be durable, making it an ideal toy to withstand a lot of chew time from your kitty. It’s stuffed with catnip and is made to be tossed and batted around.

4. Assorted Cat Toys
By Mibote

This is an assortment of kitty catnip toys—28 pieces—that includes fluffy mice, fish, feather toys, a teaser wand, fish, a collapsable tunnel, assorted colored crinkle balls, bells and a bag for storage. These toys are made from materials that are non-toxic and dye colors that are safe for the environment and your cat. These toys are designed for batting, pushing, and carrying, to give your cat a healthy workout.

3. Alligator head
By Hartz

The Gator Scratch, Alligator Head, is one of Hartz many choices from their catnip toy collection. It’s designed to hang on a door, with a scratching mat and a catnip filled swatting ball, that your kitty can bat back and forth. If you don’t want to hang it from the door, you can lay it flat, so that your cat can nestle with it.

2. Chili Pepper
By Cosmic Catnip

Cosmic Catnip presents a variety of catnip toys that can be filled with catnip. This toy collection consists of a brightly colored, fabric sewn chili, cactus, cigar, snake, fish, banana, and a carrot. Each toy comes filled with North American Grown Catnip—which is a natural herb. It’s fairly simple in concept, just keep this toy filled with potent catnip and watch it stimulate your pet physically, mentally and help to relieve anxiety, stress and boredom.

1. Skitter Critters
By SmartyKat

Smarty Cat presents three cute mice that are filled with catnip that is potent. These toys are an ideal size to push, grab and hold. These toys will give your kitty a charge of energy, followed by a period of calm. There are no chemicals used to produce this catnip, it is potent and pure.

In conclusion, catnip itself has always been a good way to naturally stimulate your cat. However, catnip toys are ideal for encouraging healthy exercise, assist in physical development and coordination. Catnip toys help to relieve anxiety, stress, and boredom, so that your kitty can develop in a healthy, instinctual way. The above list of “9 Quality Catnip Toys”, is a small sampling of quality catnip toys that are available on the market. I hope that it can help you find a toy that suits your kitty’s needs. Thanks for reading.