Cat’s ears are very prone to various diseases, including ear mites, inflammation, wax buildup and flea attack. To prevent any of the numerous ear diseases from attacking your cat, some measures should be taken. One of which includes regular cleansing of the ears of your cat. However, the ears of your cat are not to be cleaned with just anything, there are special cleaning solutions for taking care of your cat’s ears. The following are carefully selected solutions that can prevent or clear mild cat ear infections before they become chronic.

9. Ear Well by Vet Well
Ear Well by Vet Well is a good cat ear maintenance solution. However, it doesn’t have any antiseptic or medicinal qualities, but it is helpful in maintaining and cleaning already healthy ears and preventing future issues. It is not limited to use on cats only; it can also be used on dogs. It is ideal for preventing swimmer’s ear disease; apply to cats’ ears right after a dunking.

8. Earthbath Wipes
The earthbath wipes are very good for cat ears because they contain gentle ingredients, like plant extracts and witch hazel, a natural astringent. Environmentally-conscious pet owners will love the Earthbath Wipes, because they are 100% biodegradable and it has a convenient pop-up dispenser that ensures ease of use.

7. Pet MD Otic-Clean
Pet MD Otic-Clean is a carefully formulated cat ear cleaner. It contains soothing aloe vera and helps eliminate head shaking. It is made by a veterinarian to deodorize, dry and acidify ears without burning or irritating the pet. This formula helps to dissolve build-up of stubborn wax while loosening dirt and debris making the wiping of ear canal easy. It also has a great fragrance that lingers for days.

6. Arava Pet Wipes
Arava Pet Wipes is ideal for cats that do not like liquids to be put into any of their body orifices, as this solution dries up very quickly. It is enriched with dead sea minerals, soothing chamomile extract and it’s not moist enough to make messy ears. This solution is likely to dry out quickly if the lid isn’t closed tightly.

5. Ears & Tears by Doctor 4 Paws
Ears & Tears by Doctor 4 Paws is a well-known option to cleanse the discharge in your cat’s ears. It can also be used to clean the dark gunk that can gather in the corners of their eyes. It is ideal for a variety of small pets as it does not contain bleach. With regular use, these wipes will remove the tear stains that can occur on light-coloured fur.

4. Vet Organics EcoEars
Vet Organics EcoEars contains all-natural ingredients and is also 100% preservative-free. You can use for 10 consecutive days, treat itches and dirty discharges. However, it possesses a strong scent that some cats dislike. While using, lye your kitty on its side and squirt this directly into the ear or—for smaller cats—saturate a cotton ball and squeeze it into the canal.

3. Petpost Wipes
Petpost Wipes make cleaning a very stress-free activity for even the squirmiest cats. It contains a soothing, pleasantly-scented formula of coconut oil and aloe vera. It contains naturally derived ingredients, but it is a little too saturated. They effectively remove stubborn wax and debris that ear mites love to feast on.

They’re available in a larger size for cats.

2. Virbac Animal Health Epi
Virbac Animal Health Epi is a budget-friendly formula that eliminates odors and helps prevent infections. It has been specially formulated with anti-adhesive properties designed to prevent a bacterial attack. At the same time, this alcohol-free solution is good enough for daily cleansing of healthy ears.

1. Zymox Otic
Zymox Otic is a powerful formula for cleaning your cat’s ears. It contains 1% hydrocortisone and can be more effective than antibiotics. It is very gentle for your feline friends. It treats inflammation caused by bacterial, viral and yeast infections.

In conclusion, your cat’s ears are an important part of a pet owner’s responsibility that should not be overlooked. Many ear related health concerns can build-up if the proper, regular care is not implemented. When you’re ready to begin maintenance, I sincerely hope the list of ear drops I’ve presented above, will help you make the best choice.

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