Anxiety, stress and erratic behavior are issues that most cats deal with every now and then. Occurrences like storms, veterinarian visits or moving to a new location, can cause your cat to become agitated. The good news is, that among the various solutions on the market, there are natural herbal remedies available for you to choose from. 

Furthermore, they’re considered to be safe, healthy, effective and inexpensive. If you’re a cat owner and you’re looking for a natural way to calm your pet, below are a few herbs that may be worth your consideration.

Note: The herbs listed below are typically known to be safe for cats in general, however, please consider consulting a qualified veterinarian before using on a regular basis.

This herb is a sedative that brings about euphoria, making your cat more submissive and easier to manage. Humans also take this herb to help them sleep at night, so be prepared for your kitty to take a nap, soon after this herb is taken. Giving your cat this herb fifteen minutes before the stressful occurrence is considered to be the best administering method for optimal effectiveness. After your kitty becomes excited from the event, she should calm down from the effects of the valerian herb.
When taken, this herb has a high and low effect. Once your cat is done racing around the room, she’ll come down from her catnip high and calm her behavior. Very much like valerian, it is suggested to administer this herb fifteen minutes before the event that stresses your cat.

Important: Please note that if a cat uses catnip in large amounts, she may get diarrhea or begin vomiting. Make sure that someone is always around to watch your cat, when they consume catnip.

German Chamomile
Mostly known for being consumed in the form of tea, chamomile is an herb that has many health benefits. The properties from this flower relaxes humans as well as animals and is another option to reduce the stress in your kitty as well.

Important: Some Chamomile types are toxic to dogs and cats. True Chamomile, Roman, Garden and English Chamomile can cause your cat/dog to experience Allergic Reactions, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Anorexia and Contact Dermatitis. German Chamomile is considered safe.

Bach Rescue Remedy
Bach Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic method that is safe, natural, healthy and is usually available as a spray or drops. It helps to restore balance and calm, by using 5 flower essences. It is considered to be effective on humans as well as pets—cats—to reduce trauma related stress.
Hops is an herbal sedative, typically used to reduce nervousness. Besides it’s use to flavor beer, it can also aid in reducing anxiety and treating insomnia/restlessness in humans and animals—cats.
How herbs can be taken
Herbs are available in many different forms. However, the form that is typically recommended for safe cat usage are dried flowers—herbs. Furthermore, though herbs can be helpful in reducing your cat’s stress, not all cats are effected positively. 

Contact a qualified veterinarian to consult with about finding a suitable solution to reducing your cat’s anxiety. Also, be sure to take a look at the ASPCA’s complete listing of non-toxic and toxic plants/herbs for cats. Thanks for reading.