A common problem that the domestic house cat is dealing with today is obesity. Over half the number of cats that are seen by veterinarian hospitals are overweight. Obesity is when your cat has a body weight, 20% higher than her average size.

Obesity is a problem, because the cat’s quality of life is reduced and so is her lifespan. This is because obesity makes your cat susceptible to several diseases like osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes mellitus and more. So, why are cat’s overweight?

There are a couple of reason as to why a cat maybe overweight. One reason is that she may not have a proper eating schedule. She may eat an entire meal early in the day, then try to get another meal at night. Setting a proper schedule, can go a long way to regulating your cat’s food intake.

Your Cat Can Lose Weight By Slowing Down
Another reason a cat can be obese, is that she eats her food entirely too fast. Some cats eat so fast, that they really are not aware of their true limits. So they eat a greater amount than what is required—gradually packing on the weight. If this is the case, then the obvious way to get them to loose weight, is to get them to slow down.

Slow Feeder Cat Bowls
A common way to get your cat to slow down when eating, is to let them eat from a Slow Feeder Cat Bowl. A Slow Feeder Cat Bowl is designed to reduce your cat’s food intake, by making it difficult for her to eat her meal. 

Slow Feeding Cat Bowls come in all shapes and sizes. These cat bowls have grooves, ridges and barriers created to make your kitty work for what she needs. Once your cat recognizes what she requires, she ideally won’t try for more, until she gets hungry again.

Slow Feeder Bowls Can Entertain Your Cat
Another benefit to using a slow cat feeder, is that your cat will be entertained while she eats. This can help with boredom, by giving your cat the proper stimulation she needs.

There are many different slow feeder cat bowls on the market, with varying challenge levels. Click the following link, for the most commonly used slow feeder cat bowls. Click Here

In Conclusion
A slow feeder cat bowl is not a magic solution. The key to a cat loosing weight, is for her to burn more calories than she intakes. Therefore, it’s important to focus on exercise and portion control. Consider scheduling regular playtime for your cat, to get her moving more frequently. 

Secondly, to help implement portion control, consider using a slow feeder cat bowl, so as to make it difficult for her to eat her food fast. Try to have a set, daily allotment of food, but don’t starve your cat—this can cause medical issues. If followed correctly, these tips can help most cats achieve their weight goals within 6-8 months. Thanks for reading “Can A Slow Feeder Cat Bowl Help Reduce Weight?”