Most cat owners want to give their pets a very comfortable life. On some level we all know that if the cat’s happy, everybody’s happy. An important part of that happiness is rest. Since cats do so much resting, you might want to give them the best cat bed to insure that they receive quality sleep. So, in the effort to try and make your search a little easier, I put together my top 3 picks. I hope this review serves you well.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

I can’t imagine a cat rejecting any bed that radiates heat. No matter what the temperature is outside, plug this bed in and you’ll never be able to get your cat out of it. To start, it comes in two sizes, so don’t worry about whether or not your cat might fit…He/She will, or they’ll find away to fit. There are several colors to choose from, so take your pick, I don’t think your kitty will mind. This bed is made fluffy and warm with a removable cover that helps to keep the bed spotless. The cover can be washed by machine or if you’d rather do it by hand, that’s fine too. This is a really soft bed giving your kitty heaven in your living room or wherever your cat keeps people. A dual Thermostat controls the heat, keeping your cat warm up to 15 degrees more than the room temperature—Now that’s Kingly treatment. To top it all off, you get a one year warranty.


-Several colors to choose from

-Removable cover makes it easy to keep clean

-Comes with a one year warranty

-Dual Thermostat keeps heat 15 degrees above room temp.

-Keeps your cat warm

-Two sizes


-Only made to be used indoors

This really is a no brainer if you ask me. Most cats are attracted to anything that is a source of heat. You won’t be able to get your cat out of this thing. So with 5 stars, I highly recommend this bed. Your cat will love you for it. Buy It!

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave (Large)

Cats just love hanging out in soft, warm and cozy crevices. So when it comes to deciding what kind of cat bed you’re going to get, it’s worth looking into a bed that’s somewhat cave like. That’s where the Cat Bed Cave comes into play. Made by a company called Meowfia, The Cat Bed Cave is handmade with 100% Merino Wool, which means it’s not only flexible and soft, it naturally prevents odors and stains. It is designed to create a space for your kitty that is out of view of…well…you. Regardless of size, any cat will be able to enjoy this cushy work of art. There are no dangerous chemicals or synthetics in this product. So you can breathe easy, its safe and eco-friendly. It looks like a hollow bean bag with an opening—But that’s me. No matter what it looks like, you can’t deny the fact that it’s a strikingly beautiful modern design, meant to complement most any contemporary space. This Premium Cat Bed Cave was made for durability, so if you get it, prepare to have it for the long haul. Before to long, your cat won’t be able to play or rest without it.



-Handmade with 100% merino wool

-Naturally prevents odors and stains

-Safe and Eco-Friendly

-Strikingly beautiful modern design

-Made for durability



The cat cave is a playful bed, not strictly speaking all about rest. With hide and seek being one of the more obvious examples of playtime usage, there are numerous things that you can do with this very creative piece. But of coarse, your cat can also use it to sleep on and it is made very comfortable for that very purpose. I give this piece, 5 out of 5 stars for uniqueness and quality. If you’re looking for a work of art, as well as a durable cat bed that triples as a hide out; well then look no further, the Cat Cave is for you.

Washable Premium Cat Bed

Now this is a quality cat bed. This Premium Cat/Dog Bed represents back to basics at it’s best, bringing you plushiness wellmade. This bed is perfect if you have a large cat like a Maine Coon or several cats you’d like to accommodate with a luxury sleeping experience. The workmanships is obvious, but also certified. The bed is designed to have a soft bottom and sides made out of 100% cotton, so that your pet can lounge with it’s paws out, over the sides. Also, for good measure, the bottom is a no-skid design, meaning the bed won’t slide all over the place—Good Thinking Guys! When you’re ready to wash it, just throw it in the machine under the setting: hand wash. You can also spot clean it with a damp cloth or sponge—Whichever you prefer. Smiling paw pets is so confident that your pet will love this bed, they’re willing to give a full refund if your pet is not satisfied. Enough said, I give this product 5 out of 5 stars, mostly for good old fashion quality…a great investment.



-Made with Quality Plushiness

-Soft bottom and sides made out of 100% cotton

-Bottom is a no skid design so bed won’t slide

-Machine Washable