Very much like humans, it’s a common occurrence for cats to get stressed from time to time. New experiences like moving, a pet addition or traveling can bring out destructive behavior issues. If your cat is yowling, marking, excessively grooming or destroying your furniture, it’s a pretty good chance that they’re stressed about something.

If this is the case and you’d rather not use drugs—with side effects—to calm your cat down, a commonly used alternative is synthetic pheromones. But what are they and “How Can Cat Pheromones Help”. Below is a brief explanation of Synthetic Pheromones and what they’re able to do.

Pheromones, What Are They?
Cats emit a chemical from glands, that they use to communicate within the species. This chemical is called pheromones. Every time you see a cat rubbing their cheeks against furniture, another cat or person, they’re leaving their pheromones behind. They usually do this as a way of indicating that they like something—so they mark it with their scent.

Pheromones contain information about a cat’s gender, health, age, etc. Also, there are certain pheromones that communicate a sense of calm and familiarity—which help to reduce stress.

Scientist have been able to replicate calming pheromones, as a way to relax cats. They are available as wipes, collars, sprays and diffuser plugins. Below are some of the common uses for synthetic pheromones.

Uses For Pheromones
• Reduce marking or spraying
• Reduce aggression problems
• Helps cats comingle

• Reduce scratching and biting
• Relax cat(s) during a storm
• Helps to treat travel stress

• Helps reduce anxiety during vet visits
• Helps calms your cat(s) while moving
• Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Do Pheromones Work?
Research done on Feliway products—performed by the makers—has shown that synthetic pheromones help to relax cats in certain instances. Furthermore, Feliway synthetic pheromones have proven to help with marking—90% of the time. However, it does not deal with the actual source of the problem. Meaning it will act as a band aid—that will relax your cat—but you’ll still have to address the underlying issue of why your cat is stressed. 

Are Synthetic Pheromones Safe?
There aren’t any reported incidents of synthetic pheromones having adverse effects on cats when used. Also, because they are designed for use with specific species, humans and other animals in the home are considered to be safe—other pets may even experience a reduction in stress. 

In conclusion, although synthetic pheromones aren’t able to cure the underlying problem that causes your cat’s anxiety and stress, they can help to calm them during stressful experiences. Pheromones can serve as an effective security blanket, that can minimize unwanted behavior and help to bring peace in your home once more. 

In fact, you can spray their favorite blanket or bed to help them get accustomed to a new living situation. Also, you can diffuse an entire room with synthetic pheromones, if for instance you want new cats to get acclimated to each other. Synthetic Pheromones are a helpful aid, when trying to adjust a hesitant cat to a new or scary situation. Thanks for reading—Cat Behavior Issues: How Can Cat Pheromones Help?