When it comes to pets, we want them to have the best experience in all things, because we know that when they’re happy, we’re happy. Traveling is no different than any other situation. When we travel, an owner that really cares for their cat, will pick a carrier that will make the trip as smooth and as comfortable as possible. If your reading this, then you’re an owner in the midst of that search for the perfect carrier. Now I’ll confess, that this is by no means an exhaustive list of every carrier on the market, but I have put together three of my favorite. Take a look, I hope that this article makes your search a little easier.

Expandable Pet Carrier

This pet carrier is made for travel, especially plane travel. It’s airline approved, safe and stable with expandable sides for when your beloved pet wants to stretch it’s legs. Sold with multicolored pet bowls, a strap and a very soft fleece base, you have the basics to get to where you need to go. Another plus is that you can remove the cardboard insert so that you can easily machine wash your bag. Also, when you’re ready to store it, it’s capable of folding flat. The best feature about this bag, is that there is a little clip inserted inside at the base so that you can secure it to your pets collar or leash securing them to the bag and preventing them from running away. The only con is that there are quite a few zippers. When you’re in a mad dash to get to the airport, it is possible to get confused and open up the wrong compartments or even break a zipper. So take your time when you’re getting prepared.


-Multicolored bowls, 1 strap and a soft fleece base

-Expandable sides for extra room

-Leash/collar clip inserted in base of bag

-Made for air travel

-Machine washable

-Stores flat


-Zippers can be confusing

This pet carrier is made to give your cat more space while being compact enough to be manageable. Also, don’t forget, you’re good to take it on the plane and it’ll fit right under most seats. This is a winner in my book, 4 out of 5 stars for a cat carrier well designed. Buy It!

Pawfect Pets Travel Carrier

Quality, Compact and Good Design are all the things that come to mind when I think about Pawfect Pet’s Travel Carrier. This is a very stylish bag, with a design that allows your pet to stick their head out of the side pocket. Just be careful that they don’t make a break for it the first chance they get. It’s airline approved, safe and durable, so no worries getting it on and off a plane. Designed to have easy airflow for the comfort of your pet. There are clips on the zippers you can attach to your pets collar just incase you have a runner. The straps are very comfortable, just in case you have a long haul or conversely it sits perfectly under the seats of most any flight.


-Quality design, stylish

-It’s airline approved, safe and durable

-Clips on zippers to secure your pet

-Comfortable carrying straps

-Sits perfectly under the seats of most any flight

-Easy airflow


-May be a little to compact for larger pets

I lot of people are going to be drawn to this one for the cuteness factor. This is a very stylish compact design that can add to your look as you go running for your flight. Just make sure you fasten your cat into the bag with the clips that are sown in the bag. I give this 4 out of 5 stars…mostly for style. Buy It!

Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

This basic carrier has a little more space than most of carriers on the market, while still remaining compact and manageable. This is perfect to use to transport your cat as a carry on to a flight. The windows are a mesh wire material for easy air access. It comes with ample pockets for treats, a leash, toys or whatever else your pet may need and locking zippers to keep them secure. With a lamb skin liner, your pet will be most likely sleep through the whole flight. It’s approved for use on most airlines. Designed to be sturdy and durable, this bag will last you a long time.


-Windows are made of mesh wire materials

-It comes with ample pockets and locking zippers

-Approved for most use on most airlines

-Designed to be sturdy and durable

-Compact and manageable

-Made for travel

In conclusion, the Sherpa is just the pet carrier you need. If you’re looking for something basic, compact and durable, look no further. This is a useful carrier that can make traveling with your pet an easy experience. 4 out of 5 stars for the Sherpa, a purchase well worth the money.

In conclusion, there are quite a few pet carriers on the market, I hope that my suggestions help to make your decision a little easier. Thanks for reading.