Cats chewing electrical cords is a common problem among cat owners. So, in the effort to help save your cords and possibly your cat; here are a couple of awesome tips to prevent your cat from chewing you out of house and home.

First, cover the cords with split tubing. It cuts easily with a pair of regular household scissors, allowing you to make it any size you need. Simply attach the cover by opening it at the split and wrapping it around the cord. Your cat will try to nibble on the cord, but won’t have any luck. Eventually he/she will give up. Click on the link below for details.


Split Tubing
1/2-Inch Split Loom Tubing (Amazon)


Anti-Chew Spray
Anti-Chew Spray

You can also spray your cords with a bitter Anti-Chew Spray. It’s a safe and humane way to deter your
pet from biting, chewing, gnawing and licking the things you want to be off limits. (Amazon)

More Tips To Prevent Cord Chewing

Use An Alternative To Bitter Lemon Spray
Instead of buying the bitter lemon spray, you can use products you already have around the house. For example, take Irish Spring Soap and rub it along the wire. You can also use hot sauce, sports liniment, dish liquid soap, citrus oil. All of these things will basically have the same effect as the bitter lemon spray. Just make sure that whatever you rub on the cord does not contain salt. Cats love salt and you’ll just be defeating the purpose if you rub something on the cords that invite your cat to continue his behavior.

Use Velcro/Cable Ties
Wrap or tie up any excessive cord length with velcro cord/cable ties. Your cat will be less likely to be tempted if the cords in your home aren’t so readily available. (Amazon)

Double Sided Tape
Although it’s not so pretty, wrapping your cords with double sided tape is very effective. Cats hate sticky things and will stay away from any cords wrapped in double stick tape. (Amazon)

Play With Your Cat More Often
One reason why your cat might be chewing on the cords, is that their bored. Try playing with them a little longer or play with them several times through out the day. When they are distracted, challenged or stimulated,—more than usual—they’ll forget about chewing on your cords.

Give Them Something Else To Chew On
Let your cat play with toy mice, old bath towels and stuffed toys to serve as a substitute to chewing on electrical cords.

Distract Them With Birds
If you mount a bird feeder outside your cat’s favorite window, they’ll be so intrigued by what’s going on outside, that he won’t even remember the wires he normally chews on.

Give Him A Squirt
Cats hate to be squirted with water, so this is a great deterrent. The next time your cat looks as if he’s suspiciously edging toward his favorite cord to chew on, just give him a squirt in the face. It won’t harm him, but he will know that his behavior is wrong. After a few more times of this, he’ll think twice about chewing on your cords.

That should be enough to get you started, I hope these tips are helpful. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to post them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.