Cat’s love to be tucked away in cushy, warm places. It makes them feel safe and secure. If your looking to give that experience to them, then look no further. You may actually have all the materials you need to create a nice & comfy haven for your feline. Just follow the instructions below on how to create a cozy cat cave.

What You’ll Need:

• 2 Round Or Oval Shaped Pet Beds (Amazon)

• Sewing Kit (Amazon)

twp gisigs
Just take the two oval cat beds and flip one over the other with the openings aligned with each other. Then sew them together along the seam. (Amazon)

Cozy Cat Cave 2
That’s it. Now your cat has a cozy kitty hideaway.



Cat Cave
Cozy Cat Cave – Grey/Midnight Blue (Amazon)

Green Cozy Cat Cave
Cozy Cat Cave – Light Tan/Green (Amazon)

Cozy Cat Cave – Brown/Cream (Amazon)

Bonus Tip: Picking A Good Cat Bed
If a cat cave isn’t the thing you need for your cat, yet you’re looking for something similar; Here are a few tips on how to pick a good bed. Choosing a good cat bed shouldn’t be hard at all. There are so many stylish, colorful beds to choose from, you’ll have no problem picking one that can add just the flare your room needs. Of coarse, what’s most important is that your cat finds the bed comfortable. Try something that has a nice & cozy fleece pillow. Most of the time a bed with a fleece pillow is oval in shape or has high sides…Or it could be a nest bed that is enclosed. Cat’s especially like enclosed nest beds because it makes them feel secure, that’s why you’ll find your average cat nestled inside of the sofa. Also, cat’s really like being warm. So you might want to consider getting a heated nest bed.

Nap Mat
If you’re dealing with cat hair on the furniture or where ever your cat sleeps; A nap mat can help solve your problem. Just put the mat down in the area your cat normally sleeps in. Then roll it up and put it away when he’s done. Problem solved, your furniture will now be free of cat hair.

Cat Perch
You can attach a cat perch to your windowsill and let your cat sun bathe from the light of the window. Remember, cats like warmth, so this is ideal for just hanging around on those lazy Sundays.

Getting Your Cat To Use The Bed
Once you buy a cat bed, you might have a hard time trying to get your cat to actually use it. If that’s the case, just sprinkle some catnip in the bed and watch your cat go for it. Also, make sure you put the bed in a secluded area where there isn’t a whole lot of traffic. Cats like to feel secure and a lot of noisy people or other pets are not going to give them that feeling. Another good tip to get your cat to use his new bed, is to elevate it. Cat’s love being in an elevated position, so try to put the cat bed on a platform or an end table. If you have more than one cat, you might have to put the beds in different areas of your house. You can also get a cat gym or cat condo. They’re built to be elevated and able to hold more than one cat. This way, you can have several cats resting in a higher position.

That should be enough for now, I hope these tips prove to be helpful in your search to find the best bed for your kitty.

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Thanks for reading.

By Mike Norman