Anybody who owns a cat knows that they love to groom themselves. They do it for any number of reasons: Self-care, boredom, stress and the fact that it just feels good. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that your cat needs stimulation. Since I think it’s safe to say that you’re not always going to be around to provide the kind of stimulation your cat requires, you’ll want to look into creating a self-grooming station. It’s very easy to make, so let’s get started with the instructions below.

What You’ll Need:

• Two Grooming Brushes, No Handle (Amazon)

• Double Stick Tape (Amazon)

• A Table Or Chair Leg That’s Suitable For Use

Brush With Double Stick Tape On The Back
1. Use  two grooming brushes(no handles) with fairly hard bristles. Apply double stick tape to the back of both brushes. Then adhere the brushes to a rectangular leg of any chair or table. Place one on one panel of the leg and another on the adjacent panel. Make sure the brushes are lined up and parallel to each other—see illustration below. Also, make sure the height of the brushes are in a position where your cat can comfortably make use of it. This DIY tip can also work on an outer corner of a wall.

Happy Grooming Cat
That’s it, now your cat can self-groom ’til His/her heart is content.

If you’d rather not do-it-yourself, but still would like a self-groomer for your cat, check out the alternative below.

Commercial Self-Grooming
Sentry HC Groom’n Comb/With Catnip Pouch

Thanks for reading.