Cats love to be in small cozy spaces. It gives them a sense of security and makes a nice little hideaway from their annoying owners. Hey, what can I say?…Everybody needs alone time. Well, one way to satisfy that need for your kitty, is to make a cat tent. If you own a t-shirt, a piece of cardboard and a few hangers, you can create a tiny sanctuary for your cat in about 5 minutes. Lets get started by following the instructions below.

What You’ll Need:

• 1 T-Shirt-Medium (Amazon)

• 1 Flat Piece Of Card board (15″x15″)

• 2 Wire Hangers (Amazon)

• Tape (Amazon)

• Safety Pins (Amazon)

• Pliers (Amazon)

• Wire Cutters (Amazon)

T-Shirt, Tape, Card Board, Hangers
1. Gather your materials.

2. Cut off the tops (hook and twist) of the hangers so that you are left with two straight long wires. (Amazon)

Card Board and Hangers
3. Take the hangers and shape them into an arch similar to the illustration above. (Amazon)

Taped Card Board
4. If your board has a fold or just needs a little extra support, take your masking tape and tape it up like the illustration above. Whether you use masking tape or not, make sure you poke a hole in all four corners of the board. (Amazon)

Crossed Hanger Wires
Take the two cut hangers/wires and make a cross, like in the image above. Tape them where they intersect and make sure it’s secure and tightly bound. Afterwards, put the ends of the wire in the holes you created on your board.

Wire Through Board
6.  Once it’s through the hole, fold one inch of the hanger down so that it is flat on the cardboard. Then tape it down securely. Do the same with the other three wires you put through the remaining holes. Tape them down really well so that the shirt doesn’t snag on any protruding wires.

Cat Tent Frame
7. Now take the time to bend the wire frame so that it looks better. Pliers are the perfect tool for shaping the frame just the way you want it. (Amazon)

T-Shirt Over Frame
8. Pull the t-shirt over the frame and adjust it so the neck hole is in the front middle and the bottom of the t-shirt is laying in the back. Then fold the t-shirt bottom under the tent.  (Amazon)

Shirt Facing Up
9. Turn the tent  so that the hole is facing up and the bottom is facing you.

Folded Shirt
10. Fold the shirt sleeves on the bottom, making sure to take in the slack. Make it nice and tight so that the tent becomes taut. Now use your safety pins to hold your folds in place. (Amazon)

Back Of Tent
11. Your cat tent should be as tight as the illustration above. Keep tucking, folding and pinning until you get yours as close to this as possible.

Cat In Tent 1
12. That’s basically it. If you’d like, you can line the floor with a paper bag or blanket. Then, sprinkle a little catnip in the tent to sweeten the deal. But you really won’t need to sell it much, your cat will take to it instantly!

Below are some alternatives if you decide you don’t want to make a cat tent yourself.

Blue Cat Tent
Oxford Cloth Cat Tent (Amazon)

Cat Furniture
Cat Condo (Amazon)

Thanks for reading.